New Characters for The Newsroom Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Jul 8, 2013 to The Newsroom

There will be a few new faces in The Newsroom this year. As if there weren’t enough ACN employees to keep track of here are a few more for ya! In case you missed it: Season 2 has been cut to 9 episodes after a ‘false start’ by show-creator Aaron Sorkin. Several changes were made to the script but exact details have not been released about this “reboot”.

HBO has released the following video to preview some of the upcoming personalities that will surely bring some drama to the screen:

Reboot or not The Newsroom season 2 begins THIS SUNDAY, July 14th at 10PM, right after True Blood. Will you be tuning in?

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Casting “Hanoi Jane” Fonda on Newsroom is a travesty. She’s a traitor to this country. She should be thrown out of this country.

That was almost a half century ago, John.
I just bet you’re a barrel of fun to be around.

lottapolitics> John M. thats all you can say about this show? So don’t watch it.

Only people over 50 even know who Jane Fonda is.

The people at HBO know who she is and what she did. My buddies brother was a POW in Vietnam for over 7 years. She sat on the tanks of the North Vietnamese and told them our boys were criminals. She recently told people to get over it. She’s a lowlife.


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