The Newsroom Cut to 9 Episodes after Sorkin’s ‘False Start’

sorkin-theater By Eric Weiss (originally posted to Flickr as Stage Hands Off) [CC-BY-SA-2.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Aaron Sorkin is no stranger to controversy. The West Wing, The Social Network and now The Newsroom on HBO have all struck nerves across the political spectrum. Yesterday the Hollywood Reporter released an extensive look at The Newsroom Season 2. You should give the article a read because there are a ton of interesting nuggets to digest if you’re a fan of the cast and crew of The Newsroom.

But the most interesting news item to come out of the series of interviews was the fact that The Newsroom season 2 will be cut to nine episodes in part due to what Aaron Sorkin called a ‘False Start’:

“I doubt HBO’s going to be happy with my telling you this, but I got off to a false start with Season 2,” Sorkin admitted, explaining that the first three episodes — two of which he had already shot — would have proven structurally problematic for the remainder of the season. “With my hat in my hand, I went to HBO and said, ‘Would it be all right if I started again? I know it’s going to cost time and it’s going to cost a lot of money,'” he continued. “Other networks would have said no.”

Well it’s great to hear that yet another A-list Hollywood personality is in love with HBO! And HBO Watch is glad that the writer was given this chance to make sure his artistic vision was realized. This will surely result in a better viewing experience for us all. Though we are saddened by the fact that we’ll only get nine episodes instead of season 1’s ten this year. We think in the end you’ll forget about that one hour and just be glad that we saw something amazing this summer on HBO.

The Newsroom season 2 premieres July 14th at 10PM.

Here’s the video from Hollywood Reporter:


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