In Production: THE NEWSROOM Season Two

By Jef Dinsmore on Sep 11, 2012 to The Newsroom


Aaron Sorkin and his writing team have been hard at work writing the scripts for the second season of the travails of Will McAvoy and his desk job at ACN. Though those ten scripts are being fleshed out the show is not technically into film production, but it will be soon enough. Actress Emily Mortimer, who plays Mackenzie McHale the executive producer of News Night  has actually stated the start date for filming of the next season.

Filming starts on November 12, which is after the national elections. We’re not sure how much that will impact the show, however, as the shoNewsroom-S2w’s first season took place in the recent past and we’re running on the assumption that the second season will also.

What we do know about the show though is that Season 2 will see the return of David Krumholtz and Adam Arkin in the recurring roles of Dr. Habib, Will’s therapist and Adam Roth, Will’s college friend, respectively. We also know that we have to wait until June of 2013 for the new season to unfold. Will the show capitalize on election 2012 coverage or not? We will have to wait to find out but, there might be some tidbits of news along the way as THE NEWSROOM starts full production in November.

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