HBO Announces The Newsroom Season 2

The-Newsroom-Season-2-ProductionHBO has just announced via a press released received just moments ago that its new series “The Newsroom” will continue for yet another season!  Early critical reaction to the first few episodes of the series has been lukewarm at best but many actual viewers of the program are loving the show.  The new Aaron Sorkin series also pulled in decent ratings numbers on its premiere night.

We hope you’re enjoying the first pair of episodes of HBO’s The Newsroom and we all look forward to seeing where Mr. Sorkin takes these intriguing characters in Season 2!  Check back often for more casting news and information on this and every other HBO program.

No word yet on exact release dates but keep an eye on our HBO Schedule for more up to the minute news on your favorite HBO series.  We’re assuming The Newsroom season 2 will premiere next summer but that is, of course subject to change.  Keep it locked.

UPDATE:  We can now confirm that The Newsroom Season 2 will air in June 2013.  This was mostly a given if you follow HBO’s normal premiere date schedule but we thought we’d keep you up to date with the latest!

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