Boardwalk Empire Season 5 is Official!

By Jacob Klein on Sep 26, 2013 to Boardwalk Empire


Grab the nearest floozy and celebrate!  We weren’t expecting the show to be cancelled any time soon but it’s great to have it in writing.  Boardwalk Empire Season 5 is official!  Expect it to premiere in Fall of 2014.  Now get back to watching season four, ya wise-guy.

LOS ANGELES, Sept. 26, 2013 – Following the hit series’ fourth-season debut on Sept. 8, HBO has renewed BOARDWALK EMPIRE for a fifth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.

“Thanks to Terry Winter, Martin Scorsese, Tim Van Patten, Howard Korder and their stellar team, BOARDWALK EMPIRE remains in a class by itself,” said Lombardo.  “I look forward to another electrifying season of this impeccably crafted series.”

From Terence Winter, Emmy-winning writer of “The Sopranos” and Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, BOARDWALK EMPIRE is set in the 1920s during Prohibition, and chronicles the life and times of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the undisputed leader of Atlantic City.

Among the early critical raves for the new season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, New York’s Daily News declared that the series “remains must-see television drama,” whilePeople called it “terrific” and a “gripping spectacle.” The Chicago Tribune hailed the show’s “achingly good performances,” and Variety termed it “one of TV’s most compelling dramas.”

BOARDWALK EMPIRE continues to be one of HBO’s most-watched original programs, with an average gross audience of 7.5 million viewers this season.

The series recently received five Emmy Awards, the most of any series in the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards competition, including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Bobby Cannavale); Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour); and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series.

In 2012, the show received four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Tim Van Patten). In 2011, the series led all programming with eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Martin Scorsese). In Jan. 2011, BOARDWALK EMPIRE received two Golden Globe Awards, for Best Television Series – Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama (Steve Buscemi).

For more on the series, visit and Twitter @BoardwalkEmpire #BoardwalkEmpire.

Season four credits: Created by Terence Winter, BOARDWALK EMPIRE is executive produced by Terence Winter, Martin Scorsese, Mark Wahlberg, Stephen Levinson, Tim Van Patten and Howard Korder; co-executive producers, Eugene Kelly and Eric Overmyer; consulting producer, Dennis Lehane; producers, Joseph Iberti and Rick Yorn.

No one knows if season 5 will be the show’s last or when the exact premiere date will be. We expect it to premiere in September of 2014 if things remain on track as they have the past few seasons.  As to a possible season six after that we’ll just have to wait for word from HBO.  Ratings have been holding steady if not then a bit down this season.  But between epic Sunday night NFL games, Homeland and other Sunday programming it’s fairly understandable.  Boardwalk Empire is one of HBO’s most popular, award winning programs and we hope to see it return for many a season.  For what it’s worth Winter (the show’s creator) hoped for 6 seasons back in 2012.

As always we’ll keep you informed on the fate of the Boardwalk.

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Decent season and finale. Not stupid like Sporanos, not spectacular like Six Feet Under. Solid series overall. Let’s hope HBO has more winners. The Leftovers is boring and full of stupid people I don’t care about. I gave it a season, but I won’t be watching it any further.

I’v devastated Richard was killed off and will no longer be on the show. Jack Huston was terrific in that character and he will be sorely missed this next, and last, season. Jack Huston, please come back and do something else for us!

what Sunday does season 5 begin?

SEASON 5 ISNT ENOUGH!!!! Prepare already sear 6,7,8,9,10,11,12,13,(…),124523 and season 124524 pls :)

Love watching Boardwalk Empire, it certainly provides great entertainment of my family. The characters are great and the plot always keep the viewers wanting more. Great selection of actors. Patiently awaiting the great return to HBO with a new season; I look forward to even more seasons in the future. Wish the creation of the series did not take so long!

Show is amazing!!


If it is canceled, I will turn off HBO most shows are very old. Hell some shows are So Old That You can see bag phones. I hate to pay for HBO that has 70s and 80s shows.

Martin Anthony Patrick

It BETTER Not fucking get Cancelled if True blood is still going that Bullshit would not make sence boardwalk empire has so much potential to tell the story of al capone charlie lucky luciano meyer lansky all the original gangsters keep it coming HBO

5th season they say its last QQ
so seems they wil not go with the stories of capone ,lucky and others….

I am a big fan of BE. I will definitely miss Richard and wish that he could have stayed on longer. It was, though, a beautiful ending for him. RIP, Richard. Please work on Nucky’s lines. Some come across as goof, unbelievable from such a power player. And work on Sally. Unlike others, she comes across as acting. Not as believable as Margaret who is great. In spite of my few complaints I love the show. Drawn to show this season when I heard that Jeffrey Wright was joining the cast. I watched the past 3 seasons in about 2… Read more »

Regarding your comments on Nucky’s lines and Sally, I couldn’t have said it better. You literally took the words out of my mouth. Bravo.

The best drama series ever!

Outstanding…Simply Outstanding!

Boardwalk Empire is a great series, and I hope it continues. Ditto for VEEP

This show is one of the very best. Looking forward to the next season.

Thanks HBO for making best series!!! Boardwalk Empire is one of my favourite!!!!

HBO I LUV THIS SERIES..I COULD WATCH IT OVER AND OVER ..CANT WAIT FOR SESSON 5,6,7,8,9….@ so on…the best show ever!!

12 episodes and then wait until next year? That is unbelievably weak. I have honestly been on the verge of dumping my paid movie channels in favor of basic plus netflix, and I think this seals the deal. HBO, you s u c k !

I was sorry to watch Richard go but, plotwise, there was no other way around. It was sad but beautifully done. Boardwalk Empire has made the short list of my all time favourites, along The Sopranos and Rome. It’s going to be a loooong wait till season 5!!!

“there was no other way around”

Fortunately, you are not a creative writer. I’m OK with it, but there were a myriad of options on story direction. You are quite right about the wait though, and I think its a deal killer for me. Screw hbo!

But wouldn’t you agree that a tragic character like Richard winding up happily married and living a dream life would be totally out of tune with the storyline? How else would you go about it? BTW, your comments regarding my shortcomings as a creative writer are nothing but true! Cheers!

I just watched the Season 4 finale, I so wanted Narcisse to get shot,I would have felt a little more satisfied with that. Glad Chalky is alive, I just absolutely love his character,he has come up the hard way, and now can live the good life with a beautiful home,smart children, and I love the way he dresses. I’m glad to see Gillian is in jail and Jimmy’s body has proven her guilty.I feel bad that Harrow will not be able to finally experience a normal life with a wife and child in a safe environment. Now that the season… Read more »

I felt sorry for Gillian she’s had a tough life used by men throughout the whole of it.
Yeah she said it “Why do men get away with it all?”
I just knew something was off about her beau, from the start, who turned out to be a Pinkerton

Oh, no, Narcisse needs to live on. He adds much depth to BE. I don’t know how they’ll keep Chalky and Narcisse alive but the writers have to.

Harrow didn’t have to die, Terrence Winter had a deep and beautiful character in Richard and because he was no longer useful as an assassin, the writers had to kill him. Richard could have went back out west, lived his life, healed himself a little and he then be brought back to AC in a later season for the defense of some other noble cause (or even to defend Nucky which would have been plausible). The guy was a killer, but for all the killing this series has, at least Harrow did it as a soldier fighting for others (Tommy).… Read more »

The show is a tragedy. Almost all the characters are terribly flawed. Its what keeps us watching.

I feel your pain but I was sort of expecting him to die. HE COULD have repeated the “go home and then come back and kill everyone for a good cause” but he’s already done that twice now. I do think the cast has lost a couple of good characters this season and Jimmy’s death still makes the show a little dimmer since S2. So I hope they introduce a few new big timers that can fill that void. We need at least one good guy and I don’t know if Van Alden really counts haha.

Waste of an excellent character? Opinions are opinions, but Richard Harrow was certainly not wasted in any shape or form. He died just like Jimmy did. “He fought, he lost.” Yes, Harrow could have gone to live with Tommy and co. and been written out of the show, but it’s more poetic and makes more thematic sense this way. Also, as a sidenote, the suggestion that he could come back and defend Nucky is slightly ridiculous; his slaughter scene in Gillian’s mansion last season, while brilliant, was over the top, and repetitions of said scene would damage the plausibility of… Read more »
If poetry and theme are why you watch Boardwalk, great, that’s your angle, not mine. I like the show because it portrays how people got by on their grit and cunning in a difficult time in a city that I know very well. I’m not looking for poetry. Second, Nucky survives on making deals with people to his advantage. Richard came to him wanting Tommy’s safety and offering his talent for killing in return. So, Terence could find a way to thread Richard back into the fray with some unforseen future request of Nucky’s that would also bring some benefit… Read more »

Christ….stop crying about it.
Opinions are like assholes: everybody has one.
You think u can write a better story than Mr Winters? Trust me, you can’t. Let it go.
Maybe Mr Harrow is getting too many movie roles and can’t do the show anymore(american hustle). Gyp Rosetti was an awsome character too, but he had to die.
Happy endings are for SITCOMS not drama.
Look at Walter White and Nicholas Brody…

@SamDouchebag. Harrow’s movie roles have nothing to do with Winters’ writing. Since you cant read let me use smaller words to make the point you missed. Killing a character because they have a change of conscience is bad writing.

Obviously it can go either way. You can get away with some things or you pay for them. But I think what he’s saying is: The more bad shit you do the more LIKELY it is that one of those decisions will come back to bite you. Tough to argue with that as you just increase the odds of revenge, the law catching up with you, karma (if you believe in that), etc

I know of a bunch of politicians and others who are “walking away.
Besides, cleaning up that awful Gyp was a civic act in my mind. the guy thought he was in the Wild West or something

You can watch “House of cards” S1 in the meantime, trust me, you will not regret.


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