Boardwalk Empire Season 4 Announced

By Jacob Klein on Oct 2, 2012 to Boardwalk Empire

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 2, 2012 – Following the hit series’ third-season debut on Sept. 16, HBO has renewed BOARDWALK EMPIRE for a fourth season, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.
“Terry Winter, Martin Scorsese and the rest of their outstanding team continue to produce a stunning show thatnever fails to surprise and entertain,” said Lombardo. “We are excited to bring this unique series back for a fourth season.”

From Terence Winter, Emmy®-winning writer of “The Sopranos” and Academy Award®-winning director Martin Scorsese, BOARDWALK EMPIRE is set in the 1920s during Prohibition, and chronicles the life and times of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the undisputed leader of Atlantic City.

Last season, BOARDWALK EMPIRE averaged 8.6 million viewers an episode. To date, the first episode of the current season has already gathered 7.2 million viewers and will continue to grow via additional telecasts, DVR playback and HBO On Demand and HBO GO.

Among the early critical raves for the new season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, the Boston Globe hailed the show’s “dazzling production” and “knockout performances,” while New York’s Daily News described it as “first-rate.” Newsday termed the series “immensely entertaining,” and Variety called it “as handsome, well cast and impeccably crafted as anything on TV.”

BOARDWALK EMPIRE recently received four 2012 Emmy® Awards, for Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Tim Van Patten); Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series (tie with “Game of Thrones”); Outstanding Cinematography for a Single-Camera Series; and Outstanding Special Visual Effects in a Supporting Role.

At the 2011 Primetime Emmy® Awards, the series led all programming with eight awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Martin Scorsese). In Jan. 2011, BOARDWALK EMPIRE received two Golden Globe Awards, for Best Television Series – Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama (Steve Buscemi).

HBOWATCH – Raise the fu^#ing toddy my gangster loving friends! Boardwalk Empire will be back again next fall with a fourth season! We’d like to congratulate the entire team, HBO and all of those out there who’ve supported the program. This one’s for you!  We’ll continue to follow season 3 with weekly reviews.  Who will even live to see a season 4 of Boardwalk Empire?  Place your bets in the comments below.

  • Does anyone know when
    the 4th season of Boardwalk Empire is going to be aired?

  • Amy Ambrosia

    Keep the man with half a face!!! Can’t wait for season #4. It only gets better and better!

  • Facebook User

    Love B.Empire! Looking so forward to Season #4…

  • Angela Sykes

    I was really hoping that you guys would play Boardwalk Empire on HBO soon for those of us who missed it because I’m a die hard fan and I need my fix. Thanks

  • Owen has a bit part in Downton Abbey if anyone MUST see him :)

  • Owen has a bit part in Downton Abbey if anyone MUST see him :)

  • Apex Predator

    Heres is a nobody that will be at season 4 premiere party for all t ones who cant be there I will be there for everyone who loves this show cant wait #Apex predator

  • Ademarco79

    OWENNNNNNNNN!! Almost done with season 3. Can’t believe Owen is gone :0(

  • Hate the violence, the blood and the nudity. But I am somehow called back to watch the show. Sit back and gasp and say oh crap as I am pulled into the prohibition days of the 20’s. I love the show so much that o bought the series and I bid on the signed poster at the SAG online auction. Waiting for the next violent, bloody nudity scene, with my eyes wide shut.

  • Roddenberrygal

    I am entralled, gobsmacked, titilated, amused, and surprised! Mostly I am impatient, why must we have to wait so long before the next season begins? C’mon Chalkey, get yer a$$ back to work already! Kudos! What a thrill — this is superb story telling.

  • Boardwalk Empire Is so freaking good that I can’t watch it on HBO. I have to wait for the dvd so I can watch the whole season in two days. to watch it week to was driving me crazy. I really love this show. Cograts HBO On your wins……I also love “Game of Thrones” Great shows can’t stand the waiting. lol

  • Liam

    Boardwalk Empire is simply THE best production of any type, it is cinema brought to TV successfully for the first time in history. It is like watching a long movie you don’t want to end, please keep em coming. You have the ingredients to keep it going at least until the end of prohibition…yeah…

  • I liked Jimmy, I can’t wait til Nuki finds out it was his own brother that did it and not his nephew!

  • Guest

    I liked Jimmy, I can’t wait til Nucky finds out it was his own brother that did it and not his nephew!

  • I liked Jimmy, I can’t wait til Lucky finds out it was his own brother that did it and not his nephew!

  • NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! I can’t wait that long!!!! I am having withdrawals!!! I need season 4 nooooww!!! =,(

  • dk

    I love this show! I can’t wait to see Season 4. I wonder why you can’t get “on demand” any more on HBO..

  • Krivia

    Please let Broadwalk empire have 10 seasons.. One of the beste series ever! & we want Lucy Danzinger back! :)

  • PetrS

    Looking forward to see more series of perfect Boardwalk Empire! It is my favourite series (Nucky is the best) and I have started to be more interested in the ´20s and I really like it. So carry on and bone for a tuna ;)

  • Vram72

    True blood and brd walk the best tv series #1

  • Nucky

    Jimmy is no fucking waste at all,stupid kid!!! Chalkey A.R. Nucky Richard…These characters are exelent.Munya is a big lost…

  • schmenky fischekin

    i raise a glass of Pimms to toast Winter,Scorsese ,Wahlberg ,cast and crew for the work of cinematic art that is “Boardwalk Empire”

    • cookie sanchez

      not just a shoot ’em up gangsta show,; it’s smart historically inspired reflection of tough times; great depression/ great recession , when times get tough folks have to adapt.

  • TheSwede

    Boardwalk Empires are absolutly the best tv-serie. not cool that ”The new king” died but still a very good show.

  • itchy

    shows like this, (band of brothers, game of thrones, deadwood (which unfortunatly got cancelled))
    make me love HBO. thanks, for actually creating series with content.
    the dialogues are of such depth, that it leaves me utterly and completely baffled.
    grtz from belgium.
    and thanks for the countless hours of joy!

    • Give “the wire a shot”…but watch from season one…you cant jump in half way. I just spent the last month watching the entire series thank you DVR!!)…talk about great characters! The Wire, Bwempire and Game thrones…made me a permanent HBO susbscriber.

  • Gia745

    I love this show …. Lol love gansta s ;) best since sopranos ..

  • Lala

    I demand more Meyer Lansky/Mr. Yusef! He needs to not be billed under guest stars anymore haha

  • Rob

    I love this series – HBO this is a huge winning series! I can’t wait for season 4.

  • hoomanbeen

  • nelsoni59

    OMG season4 wait until the FALL??? come on man!!!!

  • Peter

    10/10. One of the best TV shows ever! I agree with Dex and would also like to encourage the further production of the Boardwalk Empire Series into as many seasons as can be done! Can’t stop watching this!

  • Dan

    One of the best TW shows I have ever seen! Loves it

  • Lorted

    It is a great show. Great to hear they are coming back for another season.

  • chaz1985

    I think Nuki Thompson might go next as like Jimmy and Gyp, hes a fictional character unless they bring in another fictional character to kill off. I would like to see the show maybe change its name and follow the rise of Capone and Luciano as they become very powerful in the next years to come. I really like Nuki but wouldnt like to see them over kill hes character, he has had a great run but by the end of season 4 I think it might need a new direction. He cant live forever….

    • I dont think Nucky will die before the series ends. He’s the main character. He might go to jail for a while as they focus on Capone and co but no way will they have a season without him. I think the show has 2-3 more seasons to go and you’ll probably see Nucky die or go to jail in that time. But not til the end.

    • Prohibition$Prince

      Nucky was a real person and the show is based around him but it would be good to see a spin off

    • Prohibition$Prince

      Here is the real Enoch Thompson Enoch L. Johnson

  • Itchy

    Kill Obanion. I want this guy butchered for the insults to Capone’s deaf kid.

    • Bitterpeace

      Capone killed O’Banion. It was O’Banion’s men in the St.Valentines day massacre.

  • Just finished watching Season 3 5 minutes ago and I’m already having withdrawals knowing I have to wait until the Fall for Season 4. My boyfriend and I love this HBO Series and hope it goes for at least 10 seasons. All the Actors are so talented and the writing is excellent. Bravo to everyone behind and on the scenes in this series.

  • Sola

    Best series to hit the screens for a long time since Band of brothers and The Pacific.Hope there are many more seasons to come of this fantastic saga which is a truly historic piece of epic TV greatness.Steve Buscemi and Stephen Graham play there parts so well and so do all the actors.Brilliant

  • Gez

    Fucking great stuff, not to mention they have soooo much more shit to show when it comes to Luciano and Capone.

  • joan

    Don’t know what we will do without watching our very favorite “Boardwalk Empire” series every Sunday! Can hardly wait for season 4….

  • Swedish fanatic

    Best series ive ever seen! Just finished season 3 and i want more Of it! Cant Wait untill i get to see season 4! Love to the then who made it!


    Boardwalk Empire Has to be one of the best Series ever produced It has a gripping look into what was part of Our American History and Heritage.I both think and feel that is why it has had such a good following and interest by its viewers.It a part of Our Americana .Our Culture.It also shows in how its written a real side to the people we just knew as Criminal.I think This is why so many of its regular viewers like myself share such a deep interest in this show.All I can say is? WELL DONE
    You people who have gathered together on this project have done an amazing and excellent Job.

  • Rob

    Boardwalk empire is one of the best shows I have seen on Hbo! I loved watching the romance with the wife and Mr. Slater and my whole family just about fell off the sofa when he was found in the box! Too bad you can’t bring him back. Im sure the next season will just be as actioned packed as this one and I look forward to watching all the characters.

  • Jacquie

    To the one wondering what gangster Nucky Thompson was based from. He was based off if the original man Nucky “Enoch Johnson”

  • Kathy

    Love it,Love it! The major stations should take a lesson from HBO. Unique characters with so many layers to each, makes it difficut to decide who to side with Nucky, Chalky, Margaret,Richard? Really wish James hadn’t been killed off so early. Gyp on the other hand should suffer the same fate of those who he came in contact with.
    Takes you back to a time that was really exciting in the country.
    Hearts were breaking at the thought of Boardwalk being over. Thank you to the great actors and creative producers,directors of this series.

  • Rik

    I love the show from the beginning. An the 3rd season is the best in my opinion. Thanks to Mr Rosetti! What a great actor! Greetings from the Netherlands.

  • goldfish

    Superb television!!

  • kanya in chicago

    please dont kill off my chalkey white…we already lost jimmy and, owen PLEASE!!!!!

  • Tommy&Beth

    I am so very Excited to know that there will be a Season 4 , My husband and myself were very sad to see Owen (Mr.Slater) go , but I am very excited and eager to see Gyp get killed , He is way to cocky and needs to slow his role , Owen (Mr. Slater) was a great character , I’m interested to see what will happen with Margaret Thompson and her pregnancy with Owen (Mr.Slater’s) baby , I could see Nucky forgiving her , because after all he was having an affair with Lillian (Billy) Kent , so I could defiantly see Nucky forgiving her and staying married and raising the baby as his own , as he already does to her other 2 children from her previous marriage , I’m so excited to see Season 4 , Boardwalk Empire is my husband’s and my favorite Series on Television , not just on HBO but its our absolute favorite Series on Television out of the 955 channels that we have, I Love the show so much , I hope that you continue to keep the Seasons going right up until Nucky Thompson gets old and retires out of the bootlegging business or dies of old age or natural causes , My husband and myself are dedicated to watching the show every Sunday night at 9:00pm, when the series does not come out with another Season we will be so lost but Thankfully we have all of the episodes stored on our DVR so at least we will beable to watch the seasons over and over again , lol . Thank you HBO for coming up with this Series as it has truly been an excellent show to watch , it always keeps us hanging onto our seats and impatient for next Sunday to get here , Wecan;t get enough of Boardwalk Empire , Thank you for coming up with such a great series , Thank you for such an Excellent show , Keep up the great work directors and cast !!! God Bless

    • helena

      Uhm, I`m sorry but Margaret just had her period……so….You probably just missed that part, I guess.

  • T.Blythe

    Im in love with Boardwalk Empire.My husband & I look forward to watching each & evrry Sunday,we are so hookrd we tend to watch reruns of the last episode.I am so glad there will be a season 4.Please please continue to entertain us with Boardwalk Empire.I hate to see great shows go!!!! THANKS for the Wonderful show & keep up the Excellent Work. ;-)

  • Michael Daughenbaugh

    I love the show – the writing is great! Please continue to entertain us!

  • Lenah Hama

    OH THANK GOD!!!!! Someone told me this show wasnt coming back for season 4 and i just about died. Though i must say it would have been a crass move to leave us hanging like that, the show is taken such a dynamic turn and am so hooked. SO devastated they killed off Owen!!!!! totally didn’t see that one coming and I’m a little sad he’s gone.

  • sean

    I love watching van alden! He is a very mysterious character! Please continue to show him as much as possible!

  • Dex

    Boardwalk Empire had me gripping my seat and begging for more since the first season. Season 2 was spectacular and left me jaw dropped in the last epidsode! I would like to encourage the further production of the Boardwalk Empire Series into as many seasons as can be done! I would be devestated to hear the end of Boardwalk Empire after only 4 seasons! Please continue to make these bada$$, jaw dropping, seat gripping episodes!! Best of luck to the directors and cast!!

  • Guest

    This is VERY exciting news! Can’t imagine who will die before season but if I to pick someone right now, I would have to say Gyp isn’t going to make it much longer. He’s too hot-headed & that will end up costing him, possibly with his life.

    • heh… a safe guess! I wonder if he died in real life? I know Boardwalk Empire is based on real gangsters but I try not to read up on them so as not to spoil,

      • Jacob, Gyp, like Jimmy Darmody is not based on a real life gangster but is definitely influenced by real life gangsters of the era. I wonder who will get a run out in season 4? Bugs Moran, Joe Adonis, Vincent Drucci, Jack McGurn, Owney Madden, Vincent ‘Mad Dog’ Coll, Albert Anastasia, Lepke and Vito Genovese are all potentials.

        • Oh okay. Yeah I had it in my head that Gyp was a real gangster. Hard to keep all that straight!

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