TRUE BLOOD’s First Pilot Choice for Tara

I just thought I’d post something fun today; you know no news or development talk. Thanks to I stumbled across a scene from the originally shot pilot of TRUE BLOOD.

The actress is Brooke Kerr, who I guess, played a popular character on the NBC soap Passions. She played Tara Thornton in the pilot episode. Now, don’t get confused we know Rutina Wesley has played that character for all five seasons of the show. A pilot episode must have been shot in order to show HBO executives something before they committed to TRUE BLOOD as a series. HBO must have balked on what they saw and requested a retooling before the green light was given. Recasting, obviously, occurred and Tara Thornton ultimately became the messed up firebrand we know today.

Here is Brooke Kerr’s performance.

And because we can here is Rutina Wesley’s take on the same scene.

Now, I’m not going to go off on which performance was better; I’ll put that on you. Which performance was more “uppity” to you? Plus, check out Tara Thornton’s attitude on Season 6 of TRUE BLOOD coming 06.16.

This would also be a good time to ask if you like fun little clips like this? Should we delve into the depths of the internet to pull out more unique finds for you? Let us know.


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