True Blood Supports Equal Rights with Trubie Pride

It’s no secret that HBO supports Gay and Lesbian rights.  The network and its shows have been honored by leading organizations and continue to portray gay, lesbian and bi-sexual characters favorably on nearly all of their series’.  But today with the historic Supreme Court ruling stiking down DOMA and crippling California’s Prop 8, the official True Blood YouTube account posted this fun video in celebration and support:

“Let bygones be bygones, bi girls be bi girls.”

Who could argue with that, honestly?  HBOWatch, which is not affiliated with HBO or Time Warner Cable also would like to give let loose an enthusiastic “HELL YES” at today’s news.  In many ways, the entertainment industry has led the way in changing hearts and minds over the past 20+ years.  Though in their modesty they may disagree– HBO has certainly been a small part of that change and we’re honored to report on the network, as always.



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