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True Blood and Boardwalk Empire Spoilers from the Golden Globes

by Jacob Klein
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evan-rachel-wood-as-queen-sophie-ann-true-blood-7518520-300-400-225x300According to E! Online some juicy details were dropped at some of the after-parties concerning both True Blood and HBO’s newest blockbuster, Boardwalk Empire.  A Spoiler Alert is almost certainly in effect.

True Blood castmembers Joe Manganiello and Todd Lowe were both in attendance, and Manganiello told us that if season three was the season of the werewolf, then season four is “the season of the witch.” And Todd told us that, “There’s a new presence in Terry and Arlene’s (Carrie Preston) life.” We asked if this new presence were a baby or a monster, and Manganiello teased, “Both! Have you seen The Fly? It’s like that.”

Executive producer Terrence Winter spills: “The main story for season two comes from where we left those guys at the end of season one—with some disgruntled former associates and family members working to overthrow Nucky, and we’ll go from there. We’ll certainly have some new characters, but for the most part it’s the same core ensemble that we’ve seen. Atlantic City and Nucky’s world is at the core, but we’ll also be in Chicago for a while and New York and a little bit of Philadelphia…a little of the same pastiche we’ve have—I just used the word pastiche.”

True Blood Season 4 Premieres this Summer.

Boardwalk Empire Season 2 is set to premiere at a date TBD 2011.

Unitl then take a look at this True Blood teaser witch only confirms the above spoilers.

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