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TOGETHERNESS: “Everybody is Grownups”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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So far this season, we’ve seen Brett (Mark Duplass) invigorated in his new attitude and zest for life as a father and a husband.  Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) is still dealing with the fallout from her affair and trying to figure out her relationship with Brett.  Alex (Steve Zissis) is embracing his new celebrity and new girlfriend Christy (Ginger Gonzaga,) meanwhile Tina (Amanda Peet) is trying to wrap her brain around breaking Alex’s heart and how to fix it.  Awkwardness ensues.


Tina causes some drama at Alex’s homecoming party.

In “Everybody is Grownups,” Brett and Michelle prepare a party for Alex’s homecoming from filming in New Orleans. Brett’s soul searching at the end of season one has brought a fresh, new perspective to his life as a father and husband; a new perspective he is actively embracing.  But Michelle is still caught between a rock and a hard place over her affair. While facilitating a meeting for the new charter school, David (John Ortiz) arrives and throws her off balance.  She drops the F bomb in response to his expressing that he loves her, which is just really the response everyone hopes for, right?  Not looking good for you, David.

Tina is waffling over whether or not to attend the homecoming party for Alex, given that the last interaction we saw, Alex informed her that she utterly destroyed his heart and she is still a mess while he has grown and moved forward.  Tina’s beau Larry (Peter Gallagher) has the best reason ever for missing the party: poker night with Tom Hanks.  So luckily he was spared from Tina being Tina.  Her own sister comments on her antics saying, “She can’t help herself. She gets into a thing and she’s just like…gone.” Most awkward party game ever.  I couldn’t help but turn away from the screen in the hopes of escaping some of the awkwardness.  But I couldn’t escape it.  I tried.  I tried so hard, but that awkwardness just catches you and makes you have to watch through your fingers saying, “Oh god, oh god, what will she say next?  Oh Tina, just stop. Just stop.  Oh god, so bad.”

Brett wants to attempt a rescue mission of Alex and Christy but Michelle is adamant.  Everyone is grownups.  At some point, you’ve got to just let someone sink or swim.  In Tina’s case, she’s gonna sink really quickly.  Michelle does her own sinking as she breaks the happiness spell and admits her affair, to which Brett responds by vomiting.

The tenuous relationship between Brett and Michelle was a main focus of the first season, and it seems will continue to be a focus moving forward.  While for a brief moment they were in a good place, weakness won out and now they have a whole new thing to repair, if they choose to repair it at all.  Alex seems to be in a crossroads of his own, learning how to continue being himself while also being famous.  He seems to believe he hasn’t changed, but Brett certainly doesn’t think so, and neither does Tina.  And speaking of Tina, oyyy.  She really is still a mess and may only be in order when she has someone else to take care of for a while.  We saw her in a good place taking care of Alex, and it seems Michelle will be her next person to support.  Here’s what we can look forward to in the next episode.

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1 comment

Jef Dinsmore March 3, 2016 - 8:42 pm

Like the Insider clip states we have to decide who’s side we are on in the Pierson’s problem. He drove her into emotional distress and she allowed David to affect her so as a result. It is interesting to examine who is at fault for an affair, at least via this set of circumstances.

I’ll also admit that I care less about what happens to Alex and Tina. I mean I like watching their dynamic more than I care if they end up happy together or not. That feeling could change however.


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