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Togetherness: “For the Kids”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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This is it.  The very last episode of Togetherness.  I’m not entirely sure what precipitated the swift end to such an amazing show, but I’m a little bit fraught.  It is nice to know that the Duplass brothers will continue their creative relationship with HBO because if they can create this, then I know they’ve got some good ideas.  But for now, let’s bid adieu correctly.


Tina visits the gyno

Tina’s (Amanda Peet) brief male encounter from last week and Alex’s surprise announcement doesn’t deter Tina from getting her lady bits checked out to make sure a bun can cook properly.  For the moment, her choice of sperm donor isn’t the focus but just her own health.  Even that focus is cut short when dear little Sophie (Abby Ryder Fortson) falls and breaks her arms.  Tina swoops in and we get to see fully the bond that she has developed with the kids.  Particularly for Sophie who is kind of sick of her parents’ shit at this point, and I can’t say I blame her on that one.

Alex (Steve Zissis) told Tina he had some perfectly good sperm, and it gets left at that.  He continues working on Dune with Brett which is…no, it isn’t…yes, it will save the school.  At this point, I think Michelle’s decision making skills are even giving me whiplash.  Alex makes his feelings for Tina known again, and this time she completely accepts it.

Michelle (Melanie Lynskey) wanted her independence in this charter school, but I think what she found most was loneliness.  After last week, we knew she was fed up with Brett and his choices.  But honestly, I disagree with how their whole interaction went down.  Maybe I’m weird or something, but I didn’t see so much that Brett was punishing her.  What I saw was that he needed space and she kept trying to force the conversation.  And Michelle getting mad that he slept with someone else…um, pot meet kettle.  At least when he slept with someone, you guys were separated and he was hurt and feeling like crap.  You slept with someone because you didn’t want to accept and face your issues in your relationship with your husband.  No offense, Michelle, get over yourself.  Anna (Katie Aselton) certainly got over you in a hot minute, and you’re lucky Brett will even stick around to help you with the school.


Dune saves the school

But Brett (Mark Duplass) does stick around, because it is Dune that will…no, won’t… wait, will and does save the day as Michelle gets the board vote.  Brett eventually apologizes for his behavior and admits that he just wants to come home.  Michelle admits she wants the same.  The End.

I’m disappointed that the series ended, especially when it left off at such a great point for a third season.  I can’t help but ponder what their fates could be.  Will Brett and Michelle work it out?  Or will the stress of actually having a communication about their marriage drive them apart? Will Tina get pregnant?  Will the spawn be of Alex’s seed?  Will I be writing my own post about it?  Maybe…

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