New Scorsese Series Will be Called Vinyl, Air in 2016


After almost a year of speculation and waiting we finally have a name for that long-awaited series coming from the team that brought us Boardwalk Empire.  ‘Vinyl’ is a drama created by Terence Winter and Martin Scorsese that follows the life and misadventures of a music producer in the 1970’s (Bobby Cannavale).

The Emmy winning Cannaval isn’t alone in this sure-to-be-a-hit series– far from it. Olivia Wilde, Ray Romano and several other faces you’ll probably recognize are part of Vinyl’s casting call.

Not only has the name been a secret until now, the premiere date– hell, the premiere year hadn’t been properly identified. That has changed as well since we can now confirm for you that: Vinyl will premiere in 2016! Well, that’s a start at least. We hope they mean early 2016 since filming as almost wrapped and a quick look at the HBO schedule reveals a lineup that’s lacking in “flagship” series to hang your hat on. If the latter half of 2015 looks paltry, HBO’s 2016 schedule is looking a bit full with Vinyl, Westworld and several other series in development as well.

Can this creative team capture the magic of the 1970’s the same way Boardwalk Empire captured the 20’s and 30’s so accurately? A lot of us were actually alive in the 70’s to be the judge.  We’ll get our answers and first impressions in 2016. No exact air date just yet but we’ll report on the premiere window as it narrows.  

Perhaps this means we’ll see a teaser during the finale of True Detective season 2 or the premiere of The Leftovers season 2. Just an educated guess from a veteran HBO reporter.

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