Three More Join Scorsese’s New HBO Series

While the latest Scorsese/Winter collaboration for HBO is still technically in “pilot mode” most agree that the drama will almost certainly make it to series, once put to film.  Last week we learned that the gorgeous and talented Olivia Wilde would be joining Bobby Cannavale’s side in the 1970’s music-scene work.  This weekend we’ve now been able to dig up three more names for you.

juno-temple-hboFirst up is Juno Temple (The Dark Knight Rises, Atonement). Here’s what her character is all about:

Jamie Vine, an ambitious assistant in the A&R department of American Century. She uses her keen abilities to manipulate people and blend into the various subcultures of the New York music underground, in order to break through the glass ceiling and get ahead at the record label.

Good luck, Juno!  Welcome to HBO.



Leo-DAlessioNext we have Max Casella who you may remember from two of this year’s Oscar nominated films: Inside Llewyn Davis  and Blue Jasmine.  But wait, as HBO Watchers you most likely recognize him as Leo D’Alessio from Boardwalk Empire (seen left) and Benny Fazio on The Sopranos.  

Here’s who he’ll play in this new series:

Julian “Julie” Silver, the head of A&R at Richie Finestra’s (Cannavale) American Century Records. The character is described as nurturing — but with an explosive temper. Julie is having a hard time staying hip in the youth-obsessed industry.

It’s always great to have an HBO vet on the team.  Love the continuity between The Sopranos, Boardwalk and now this piece.


MarvelNormalLastly we have the son of actress Meg Ryan and actor Dennis Quaid:  Jack Quaid.  A newly minted actor you’ve probably only seen him in The Hunger Games as Marvel.  He’s taking on the following role:

He has the opposite problem as Julie. He’s a A&R exec whose youth is keeping from finding a foothold in his competitive team. 

Welcome, Jack!  He did a great job in The Hunger Games so let’s see what he can do on premium cable.  He’s got some acting pedigree in his blood so we’re expecting great things from this newcomer.


That’s all we’ve got for now!  If you’re hungry for more on this series (and why wouldn’t you be?) read a few of our past entries here.  We can’t wait for this one.  With Boardwalk Empire going off the air in 2015 it’s good to know that the same team is already working hard on it’s replacement… if you’ll pardon the notion.


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