Looking Season 1 Finale Review

In the season finale, we see our three friends triumph and struggle through personal and professional events. I would also like to add how the Golden Girls plays a theme into this episode and I think it ties in nicely. (I loved the Golden Girls as a teenager) Agustin and Frank’s relationship is officially over. Frank does not hold back when he tells Agustin that he is acting like a ‘spoiled bored rich kid” and that his art was “mediocre at best.” The truth hurts but in Agustin’s case, it is downright acerbic. It’s over, there’s nothing more Agustin can do and Frank wants the key left under the mat. The end.


Patrick, after numerous texts and phone calls, visits Richie at his salon. This is uncomfortable for Richie, as he is not ready to speak to Patrick. He needs time and space to think things through. Patrick appears confused and doesn’t know what his next step should be. So, the fact that Richie does not want to speak to him at the moment could mean that they are taking a break. He arrives at work late and while on break, Kevin joins him and attempts to apologize to him. The conversation is hurried and awkward, at best. Patrick wants to put the whole thing behind him and move along as if nothing happened.

Dom and Dolores and finalizing all the details for the restaurant’s opening night. Dom calls Lynn quickly to give him an update on the progress that is being made. We still don’t know whether or not these two are going to be business partners or life partners. I understand where Lynn is coming from, because when you being to mix business with pleasure, the outcome can be messy. However, Dom calling Lynn and just wanting to connect with him gave me the impression that maybe Dom was finally starting to realize it was time to mature and move on to a serious relationship, instead of meaningless flings.

Agustin, in the meantime, has decided that it would be a great idea to numb his pain with the help of some drugs. They looked like prescription drugs and well, wouldn’t you know it, he goes on a subway ride. This is reminiscent of Alice from Alice in Wonderland, with her tumbling down the long rabbit hole. Agustin is glassy eyed, staring around him, up at the lights and listening to music. He seems to be oblivious to everything, but again, he’s alone now, no relationship and no place to live in, so he’s probably at rock bottom.

While en route to Dom’s restaurant opening, Patrick sees Agustin outside and quickly figures out that he is ‘chemically altered.’ The two go inside, with Patrick keeping a watchful eye on Agustin. The restaurant is well decorated and nicely arranged, with people slowly trickling in. As the night progresses, Patrick and Agustin speak about Kevin. Patrick tells Agustin about Richie, and the incident at his sister’s wedding that involved Kevin. While speaking about his trials, Patrick constantly tells Agustin to stop drinking wine and to focus more on drinking water. Agustin keeps pressing Patrick about Kevin. And of course, as I sat here, watching the episode, I kept thinking that Patrick is indecisive. He likes Richie, but Richie needs space. He is attracted to his boss Kevin, but remains hesitant. Patrick is fighting an uphill battle.

Everything is going well at the restaurant when Lynn shows up with a very good looking friend as his companion. This clearly threw Dom for a loop and you could tell he was upset. Dolores, on the other hand, took the bull by the horns and approached Lynn directly to impart her own feelings on the situation – Dom is ‘worth it.’ That is a good friend, indeed: Dolores helped clean Dom’s restaurant, played hostess for him and told Lynn that Dom was a good guy, well, I say extra points for Dolores. She is a true Golden Girl, indeed!

Guess who keeps texting Patrick? Kevin! Finally, Agustin tells Patrick to answer up and Patrick takes the call. I knew where this was going to lead. Kevin texting and calling was a pretext to what he really wanted to do: he got Patrick over to their workplace. And it just happens to be late in the evening. I mean, come on already, this was an excuse to blur the personal and professional boundaries. He started off apologizing again for what transpired and then things took a turn for….I don’t know? The better? The worse? Kevin and Patrick end up becoming intimate with each other. Time will tell if this is meant to be or a serious glitch on Patrick’s radar. I don’t know, but mixing business with pleasure is a very dicey scenario and one that I would not want to get mixed up with. Was Kevin using Patrick? Why does Patrick look so confused after it was all over?

Bad timing on all accounts: walking home, Patrick encounters Richie. After hearing what Richie has to say, specifically that Richie is very close to falling in love with him and that they both have their own issues which need to be addressed, Patrick bursts into tears. Richie walks off to leave Patrick alone with his thoughts.


Patrick goes into his apartment, only to find Agustin passed out on the sofa, while he was watching the Golden Girls on the laptop. Ah, the Golden Girls: a quartet of elderly ladies who support each other though think and thin, through good and bad times. Patrick, Dom, Dolores and Agustin are our ‘Golden Girls’ in this series (and I say that with affection and a sense of humour). All relationships are a gamble and some end up working out for the best, others fade quickly. Friends are the most consistent part of a relationship and if things don’t work out with your boyfriend or girlfriend, you’ll always have your friends to fall back on, to support you and to cheer you on.

Looking has been confirmed for a second season so rest assured that you’ll at least get to see these guys one more year!

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