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Looking: “Looking for Glory”


It’s official: Patrick and Kevin are now “a thing.” Sorry, #TeamRichie fanatics, but you’re going to have to sit this one out. Two weeks have passed since Kevin showed up at Pat’s doorstep, making his declaration of love for him after having left his boyfriend, and that’s been enough time to evoke snarky remarks from Agustin about how much time Kevin is spending at their apartment. Pat and Kevin are even having conversations about making their relationship public at work, which is obviously something Pat wants more than Kevin. Pat’s even decided to sport Kevin’s gray Boston Terrier sweater to work, because “the whole point of having a boyfriend who’s the same size as you is so you can double your wardrobe.”

It seems like Patrick wants to show off that he’s in a relationship, with a trophy boyfriend by his side. His antics in previous episodes have proven that he’s clingy, needy, and a tad desperate, so it comes as no surprise that he’s rushing his relationship with Kevin. This begs the question: If it were Richie at his doorstep telling him he loved him rather than Kevin, would he have immediately jumped into a relationship with him? Chances are he would have, because Patrick’s temperament has proven to be wholly unstable as he’s juggled his feeling for both Kevin and Richie.

The episode kicks off with Patrick and Kevin lying naked in bed together before Patrick gets up to perform the romantic gesture of breakfast in bed, failing miserably as he drops bowls of cereal and cups of coffee as he enters the bedroom. The two go to work and it is not long before they disclose the news of their relationship to their team, resulting in scowls and hesitant remarks concerning “heterosexual discrimination.” Still, the two seem genuinely happy. After months of cheating and sneaking around, their relationship can finally flourish with a sense of relief. The newfound couple then arrives at GaymerX, an LGBT-oriented gaming convention where they plan to market their new fighting app. Patrick’s attempt to raise awareness of the app is immediately met with disconcerting comments such how it minimizes the gay community into stereotypes.

Patrick’s dismay grows as Richie and his boyfriend Brady arrive at their booth, where Pat attempts to brush around the fact that he’s dating Kevin. Kevin is quick to catch on and invites Richie and Brady on a double date as he puts his arm around Pat. When Richie asks Pat about the status of their relationship, Kevin replies with a snarky comment about Pat dumping and taking him back, which “was awesome for me because I realized I couldn’t be without him!” Kevin is quick-witted and calls out Patrick on his hypocrisy once the two are alone. It is apparent that Pat intentionally attempted to avoid the fact that Kevin and him are a couple in the conversation, which only further proves the fact that he acts selfishly and still has unresolved feelings for Richie. Still, Kevin is far too enamored with Pat to see this, and their night progresses romantically as they dance and take photos together at the convention’s Gay Prom before their double date with Richie and an extremely drunk Brady. In what is easily one of the funniest segments of the series so far, Brady drunkenly tells Patrick he takes back calling him “a 13-year-old girl who’s afraid of her own vagina.” Surprisingly, Patrick takes all this in stride and even has a serious conversation with Richie about their respective relationships. All seems well—at least for the time being.


Looking also broke the full frontal nudity barrier this week after a sex scene with Agustin and Eddie, resulting in a ridiculous HIV scare after Eddie came in Agustin’s eye. Agustin reacts absurdly to the situation, but he owns up to it during a serious conversation with Eddie about how willing he is to commit to being in a relationship with him, regardless of his HIV status. Agustin has undoubtedly become the most well developed character in the series thus far, overcoming his drug addictions and learning to truly love and care for others, such as his friends, Eddie, and the children in the shelter. He’s come a long way since season one, and his growth through his relationship with Eddie is likely to be both pleasing (and possibly heartbreaking) to watch.

Meanwhile, Dom is making the final touches on his “chicken window,” yet he seems lonely and discontent without Doris by his side, who is now spending a considerable amount of time with her boyfriend, Malik. Looking has prided itself on its realism, and characters such as Dom add to the show’s appeal in this sense, even if it means sluggish storylines at times (such as now). As a whole, “Looking for Glory” depicted exactly what its title suggests—every character is trying to be successful in what they do, whether its marketing a game, having a stable relationship, or opening a new business. The title also serves as an ode to “Glorified,” an app shown in the GaymerX convention which allows users to find the nearest glory holes and even rate or comment on them. “I cannot believe how many glory holes there are in this area,” Kevin playfully says as he lies in bed with Patrick at the episode’s end. This is when Pat slips out three little words that turn him into a nervous wreck: “I love you.” Just before the credits begin to roll, Kevin says exactly what Pat needed to hear: “I love you, too.” The scene feels truly genuine and graceful, and we can’t help but hope that their relationship works out “gloriously.”


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