Jonathan Groff Talks LOOKING Season Two

LOOKING_neonThis post is not here to announce anything official about the HBO series LOOKING that we don’t already know, which is yes there is a Season Two and it is going to run 10 episodes.  It is here to keep the show “in the loop” as it were and we do so with some quotes from Jonathan Groff.

The twenty-nine year old plays Patrick Murray, a video game designer trying to figure out his love connections in the happening gay scene of San Francisco, CA. Of his character gruff said –

Looking_Groff“The character felt close to me than anything I had ever worked on before. The struggle trying to figure out where he fits in the gay community and I have felt that myself. What does it mean to be gay? How gay am I? Does my voice sound gay?”

As far as getting the new season underway he stated in a quote picked up by BroadwayWorld on 07.17 that it will gear up production very soon.


[It starts] “in about a month. We just had a big party last night – we met a bunch of new writers in the writer’s room and we were talking about new storylines and it’s all very exciting. I don’t want to say anything that’s going to give anything away, but I guess a lot happens in Season 2! I was surprised when they were telling us how much develops and goes on over the course of 10 episodes.”

 So there you go straight from a LOOKING lead. The production starts up soon and they will film over the fall and get it to viewers in its expected January 2015 timeslot. Is anyone here glad to know?

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