Issa Rae’s INSECURE Is Now An HBO Series


Earlier this month HBO added a new series into production. It is the comedy entitled INSECURE. It is written and stars Issa Rae. We introduced you to her back on 09.13.13. Nestled in that Development Slate post is the following:

First, we need to clarify just who Issa Rae is. She is the creator/writer/star of The Mis-Adventures of an Awkward Black Girl which is a comedic web series found on YouTube. That series has two twelve-episode seasons and has gained Miss Rae notoriety as a hot Web personality and she recently got listed on Forbes “30 Under 30” list for her success. Now, HBO is interested in her ideas.  


Larry Wilmore, writer and producer of such works as The Office and The Bernie Mac Show, is teaming up with Issa Rae to create a comedy series with Rae to star. It will continue on the same theme as Rae’s web series, but it is unclear at this early stage whether they are embellishing the existing scripts or coming up with all new content and whether it will even carry the same title or not.  If this series comes to fruition than Black Americans will get some recognition on HBO as this would be a black-centric project.  

However, it took a long while for HBO to act on the project. We didn’t report that a pilot was ordered until 02.16.15. Certainly by then some changes had taken place. The title INSECURE was locked in with Rae still developing, but Larry Wilmore (co-creator & co-writer with Rae) bowed out and moved to Comedy Central and Prentice Penny (Brooklyn Nine-Nine) stepped in as show runner. Also, Melina Matsoukas stepped in as director of the pilot that sold the series.

INSECURE follows the friendship of two modern-day black women, Issa (Rae) and Molly (Yvonne Orji from Basketball Wife) and all of their uncomfortable experiences and racy tribulations. Molly is Issa’s best friend. While very successful in her corporate work life, she is very unsuccessful in her love life. Jay Ellis will play Lawrence, Issa’s depressed and unemployed boyfriend, who has been getting his act together for four years. Ever since we have reported on this concept we have had scant information about details. It is a surprise, even with this going to series announcement, that those details are still vague. All the details will flesh out as we the series goes into production.

To help you get up to seed on Issa Rae and her style though, here is an installment from The Misadventures of an Awkward Black Girl. NSFW.

(Source: Deadline)

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