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INSECURE Season 5, Episode 2: “Growth, Okay?!”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Screen-Shot-2021-11-03-at-7.12.44-PMI have been with this amazing show since the beginning and have relished watching Issa and her girls on Insecure. I’m not ready to say goodbye to this amazingly talented cast and the journey we’ve taken together. I hope she does more with HBO because I am there for whatever she wants to bring. For now, we’ll discuss the second episode of season five and what some of our favorite ladies are up to.

Now that Issa and Molly (Yvonne Orji) are back to their friendly ways, we’re seeing the girls hustle hard for what they want. Watching Issa set her alarm back earlier and earlier was so satisfying. Yes, girl. Get it! There’s a lot to be said for making what you want happen in your life and the biggest part of that is putting in the work. Early morning hustle is where it’s at! The BLOCC is taking off and creating great things for artists in the community. Being able to connect talent with resources is an interesting spot to be but it seems like Issa is rocking it. Negotiating with brands to sponsor local talent, encouraging said talent like Crenshawn (Kofi Siriboe) to take notes and be more flexible. Slay, girl, slay. Molly also seems to be killing it at work and negotiating happily with everyone. Plus, it’s refreshing to see Issa and Molly familiar and chill again.  Who doesn’t love sleepovers with their bestie?  

On the other hand, Molly and her mom (L. Scott Caldwell) are pressed with each other over different things. Molly wants her parents to do estate planning and prepare for the inevitable future. Grim as it may be, it is what happens to us all and having everything prepared is much better for everyone. I’m hoping putting it off is not a terrible foreshadowing of one of them dying before it’s done.  Still currently alive, Mom is pressed that Molly’s just happily single and not necessarily jumping into the dating pool.  She keeps throwing a church boy at Molly and that’s just not gonna happen. Molly’s flashbacks while updating her profile was amazing. Seeing the different relationships rehashed was powerful and inspired inquiry.  Has Molly made real changes or are we destined to see the same song once she starts vibing someone?  I’m hopeful for her, but time will tell.


Meanwhile, the show Issa has arranged in her new career is taking off. Artists like Crenshawn have their own visions, however, and things don’t quite go to plan.  Being in the middle is a hard spot to be, especially when you’re just starting your business and need to keep your momentum going. I felt her pain wondering what was going to happen. But what an utterly stunning show that was and knowing it was essentially curated by Insecure‘s wardrobe team is amazing.  Here’s hoping Issa’s good fortune with work continues. Because it’s certainly not working out in the bedroom after a chill session with Nathan (Kendrick Sampson).  I really wondered, and yet I’m not at all surprised. It’s been a year, but the ending was so abrupt.  Where’s the closure? Yet, I really can’t wait to check in with Lawrence (Jay Ellis) and see what’s going on with him, Condola (Christina Elmore), and that baby.

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