INSECURE Season 5, Episode 6: “Tired, Okay?!”


There is so much amazingness to dive into for this episode but first, I have to start by giving massive credit to the director. Natasha Rothwell, a.k.a. the fabulous Kelli Prenny, had her directorial debut with this episode and considering how much she had me busting my gut, I’d say she needs to direct more things in the future. Looking at you, White Lotus season 2. But before we get too ahead of ourselves, let’s touch in with our favorite ladies and see what’s what.

Screen-Shot-2021-12-01-at-6.55.05-PMIssa dropped a big ole L bomb on Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) but he did not return the favor. Ouch, but also been there. It is hard to deal with unacknowledged sentiment especially when that sentiment is not immediately reciprocated. As such, it’s no surprise that Issa is a tad distracted. Her dream sequence absolutely slayed me. I absolutely believe in every woman’s choice if and when she wants to have children, however, leaning towards not having them myself I could not stop laughing at the baby flying through the air with the greatest of ease. I’m curious what a real reunion would look like; minus baby basketball I’d assume. She’s trying to focus on fixing things with Crenshawn (Kofi Siriboe) even bringing peace brownies. that doesn’t seem to be able to fix things, and I can see both sides. She wanted to get him support but with that, at times you have to compromise. Had they together approached the company and talked it out perhaps they would have agreed to Crenshawn’s vision. Perhaps not, but sadly here’s now a bridge burned and interacting about it over social media is definitely not going to help anything.Screen-Shot-2021-12-01-at-6.55.46-PM

Meanwhile, Molly (Yvonne Orji) is on a work trip trying not to think about her still unconscious mother (L. Scott Caldwell) which is proving difficult. She really needs to unwind which incidentally she does. At least everyone seemed pretty okay about the situation. I mean, Molly’s obviously embarrassed but no one seems to be being mean or bitchy about it. Even Taurean (Leonard Robinson) who technically gets a family heirloom swiped. Their chemistry was radiant on the screen and especially Robinson’s ability to be awkward. As Rothwell says in the Wine Down, when a guy likes a girl he’ll say anything to keep the conversation going, even if it’s awkward or stupid. Are we potentially seeing something play out here? I actually kind of like it, minus the coworkers’ thing. I don’t want her job to get complicated just as things might be getting good for her.

Screen-Shot-2021-12-01-at-6.56.14-PMThings are not so good for Nathan at the barbershop. Tensions start running between him and another barber and of course before long, mental health insults are slung. And my heart broke for Nathan. How isolating to be going through that whole diagnosis and everything he’d been through prior to understanding he was bipolar and to start to open up and trust people with that information only to have it thrown back in your face? It was years after my suicide attempt before I opened up about it to other people and I can’t imagine having it thrown in my face. But especially knowing that likely that’s who people see you as and no matter what, that may never change. I’d want to leave town and start over too.  The tension on that couch was palpable and it was devastating.

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