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INSECURE Series Finale: “Everything Gonna Be, Okay?!”

by Bernard Leak
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The series finale of the epic multi-award nominated and winning series, Insecure, showed up on our screens on Sunday, December 26, 2021, and I’ll start by saying, let’s take a moment to honor the queen that is Issa Rae. I’ll admit that I had to find my footing before pressing play. Despite multiple opinions about the final season, the reality is, the impact of this show will be felt for decades because Black people at every stage of their life found representation in this series.

We were fortunate enough to be dealt a finale that wasn’t 28 minutes, so that’s the first W. This finale also leveraged birthdays as a measure in time, allowing us to navigate the relationships and spaces we’ve become acquainted with. Also, birthdays have always been a big thing for this group, so moments like this, speak to the intentionality of Issa and team. Here’s where each of the main cast members landed in the finale.

Tiffany & Derrick: they’re in Denver, living their best life, except, Tiffany shares that she’s over it and that it’s taken a moment to find her tribe. Fortunately, as we see each of these friendships travel through time, the one thing we get to celebrate is that these ladies showed up for the occasions. Borders were not a limitation. Eventually, Tiffany and Derrick are pregnant with a child and have found their happily ever after in a way that’s fitting for them and their journey.

Kelly: she’s got a man y’all. Kelly and her preguntas don’t stop, but she is a force to be reckoned with, and, perhaps, the one castmate we’d all agree deserves a spin-off. She’s more settled, yet still humorous. She too reveals she’s with child, showcasing a beautiful journey for her. She’s always been a ride-or-die, and while we never really saw Kelly choose just one, we can celebrate the power there is in finding the one for her as we wrapped the series.

?url=https%3A%2F%2Fcalifornia-times-brightspot.s3.amazonaws.com%2F86%2Fad%2Fbb71d66a4477b198d693df4af62c%2Fins-510-06022021-rl-1134-rMolly: if it’s one person that has evolved on this show, it’s our good sis Molly. I won’t lie, just a season ago, I was good on her. But, that’s the thing about Molly’s character. She was layered, familiar, and on a journey. She and Tauren continue to date and end up getting married for all of us to see. And while it’s a pairing we didn’t see coming, it’s one that was poetically executed. Molly found her happiness, and we were able to celebrate this with her and a man that made a lot of sense for who she has become. Good for her!

Issa: And then there’s our girl, Issa. She’s been riddled with decision after decision this season (personal and professional), and I’d say the circumstances and decisions that follow are a part of the growing process for her. In an instant turn of events, Nathan breaks our girl’s heart at the beginning of the finale forcing her to wish she was at the part of her life where everything was okay. We were teased throughout with Issa and Lawrence, even to the point where Nathan shows up again, and Issa finds another man during the time lapses. Lawrence even dodges our girl on his birthday to spend time with another lady. But, as fate would have it, and my heart would want it… Issa and Lawrence (and Jah, his son), end up living together as partners.

I will say that I am pleased with how things ended. The Issa and Lawrence love story, no matter how toxic it’s been, was one I wanted to see end like it did. Issa’s evolution was intentional, and she even found the courage to ignore mirror bitch and just be happy. She’s finally secure in her insecurities, and that’s the journey. And perhaps the sweetest part about the finale is Issa and Molly. This show has always been about their friendship, and even as they loved up on each other after the wedding (REAL TEARS, you hear me?), we closed the series on the two of them, on the phone, cutting up, being the besties we’ve come to adore. Now that’s how you do it!

Here’s the final wine down of the series. Cheers Issa and team to a job well done!

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