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‘INSECURE’ Season 5 Episode 4: “Faulty, Okay?!”

by Bernard Leak
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We’re approach the midway point in the season, and while things are a tad slower than most expected, we’re at least getting a birds eye view into what each person is battling along their personal journey to the end of the series. Here’s a recap of this week’s episode.


Issa continues to balance love, friendship, and work, a tad bit more eloquently, but still awkward as ever. Hoping to rebound from crying into Nathan’s mouth, Issa and friends attend a beach event hosted by Nathan and friends. A week later and the two really struggled to find their footing. Issa battles some jealousy when she crosses a mutual acquaintance Reesha, who is hella flirty with Nathan. It does force her to step up and bring her obvious feelings to the forefront. Though it takes a minute, that’s what TV is about. The journey. The feelings. The challenges. If conversations were easy, Issa would have done it in the first scene. Instead, an earthquake, combined with some reflection, and some important insight on Nathan, allows us all some perspective.

Speaking of Nathan, this episode really highlighted his biggest flaw: avoidance. Issa uses her words in an intentional and meaningful way when she asks Nathan why he left her when she was crying. Through some awkward player shit, Nathan has to own up to the fact that he wasn’t there. But it’s not easy. His cousin appears, calling him out, as it appears that Nathan has been the same way to a lot of people. From a few seasons back to now, Nathan has some growing to do. Issa does come to his rescue at a gathering which, sets them up for an intimate moment of awareness. By the end of the episode the two land on top of a mountain, confessing their feelings, kissing as we pan into the moonlight. 14insecure-superJumbo-v2

Issa also begins to receive backlash via Twitter from trolls after she announces her three-event partnership with Nothing But Water. And while she vows to avoid the temptation of mentions and comments, throughout the episode, she slowly succumbs to the tweets, going deeper and deeper, eventually responding making things, well … worse. Even as she grows up, there’s always a human component to her growth, and that’s what’s best about the series. It remains grounded in reality and the pressures we all face balancing social media and our own lives. Also, that component of Black businesses growing and entering spaces where corporate money infiltrates their pockets. The questions come… are they STILL for us?

Molly is on a journey on her own, too. Still self-aware, but more open, it’s refreshing. She’s taken the day’s event to audition two guys at the beach, allowing us to celebrate the growth of Molly. Which is undoubtedly, refreshing. Sure, Molly still reflects and asks the most obvious questions, but she’s simply more present. Also, she and Issa are in such a better space, that we’re reminded why we fell in love with their friendship. The drama is less than this season, and both women have done some growing in ways that are more fruitful and exciting. Molly’s self-awareness allows her to have more fun, and in turn, us to celebrate her as she does it. She lands some D at the end of the night, by way of a special invite into the Jason Derulo party in the hills with her man of the evening, and all things considering, I’m happy for my good sis.

Here’s the wine down for the week:

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