Issa Rae Drops Tease & Talks About INSECURE Season Two


The contemporary black woman has a say on HBO (BROWN GIRLS will add to that conversation) but right now it is all Issa Rae. And she is about to offer more of her style when INSECURE returns for its eight-episode second season SUNDAY, JULY 23. Rae and her show’s cast and crew have had an opportunity to chat about what is ahead and that’s good because, as you’ll soon People_YvonneOrji-IssaRae-300x200see, the Season Two teaser doesn’t offer us much.

The folks behind INSECURE sat down with Deadline to talk about the show recently and it helped us get insight into the process. Showrunner Prentice Penny stated –

“Issa and I do a thing where we go to a hotel and drink a lot of mimosas; we just keep the champagne flowing. We talk about themes we want to explore and we did that during the first season and we did that during the second season and where we want to take these characters in their arc for the season. A lot of our stories last year were Lawrence and Issa dependent and now that they’ve broken up, we’re able to see more of his life, his world.”

Jay Ellis, who personifies Lawrence Walker enforced that claim in a different interview stating –

“I’m a lost boyfriend. When you meet him, he’s definitely at his low and he’s not sure of himself; he doesn’t have a lot of confidence. Insecure_HappyCouple-300x169He’s insecure and we see him get some of those things back and grow to find himself a little bit, fall back in love with Issa and you see that relationship at its best and then you see it all fall apart at the same time. What we do get to see in Season 2 is a lot more of Lawrence’s life. We get to see his world open up. It’s Issa and our writers’ intention that no matter what happens between Issa and Lawrence that Lawrence is always there in some way.”

It wouldn’t be complete without a thought from Issa Rae herself. In relation to Season Two, she stated to ET

“I love the stories we’re telling, we’re filming — as you know — and our actors are killing it. Jay [Ellis], Yvonne [Oriji], they’re killing it. Me and the writers put in work this season. We feel like we’re really staying true to life.”

As for the infidelity issue lingering from Season One, she says –

“It’s not [a deal breaker] for women, right? A lot of women stay with their men post-cheating, but a lot of men are like, ‘Nah. I’m out,'” she says. “So it’s an interesting discussion.”

Is it a discussion they are going to have in Season Two? We’ll find out, but not like we said, from the Tease. Take a look.

Driving a car is not the really the opportune time to daydream, but Issa does it anyway. She imagines who she will be with which includes still being “Hella Confused” around Lawrence, flirting with Daniel (played by Y’lan Noel) and going out on the town with Molly, Kelli (played by Natasha Rothwell) and Tiffany (played by Amanda Seales). All we know for sure from this is that they will all return for Season Two and we wouldn’t have it any other way. INSECURE Season Two debuts 07.23 at 10:30pm

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