Insecure Review- “Ready Like”

“Ready-Like” aired this past Sunday and here’s a recap of it, making it Episode 6 of the season. Last week’s episode gave us the cliff-hanger of all cliff-hangers. After weeks of no Lawrence (played by Jay Ellis), boom, in a flash, he was back. And what a perfect time for these two to cross paths. While we initially don’t know what Lawrence is doing, we at least see Issa moving forward and progressing. The writers waste no time in catching us up on all things Lawrence.


It seems as if Lawrence has had his own “ho-tation.” Fresh off of running through his own roster, he finds himself calling female suitors (even one he didn’t sleep with) to share that he has Chlamydia. Tough break buddy. While he doesn’t share any of this with Issa, we are able to, through a serious of flashbacks, see that he seems to be doing really well. The two also cross later in the episode at Tiffany’s baby shower. It’s a full circle moment because Issa is now the one with the struggling business plan seeking advice and guidance- stay up sis! There’s no clear future on a friendship for these two or if he’s even going to be a series regular again. All I know is that Issa and team have made it clear; don’t get too attached to any men on this series because it ain’t safe!

Speaking of Issa, she’s doing just fine. In the arms of #lyftbae aka Nathan, the two share a confession: they like each other. Awkward as ever, Issa survives the encounter only to find herself questioning Nathan and his intentions. After a day and a half of no interaction, and a voicemail from Lyft, (they’re investigating an altercation) Nathan is nowhere to be found. Was Nathan just stringing her along? Was he setting up the ultimate scam? I wanted to say maybe he was dead, but after Lyft’s corporate liaison shared that she spoke with Nathan and closed the case, I and Issa both had the same look on our face: this shit ain’t right.

The meat of the episode centered on the muffled pains of friendship. Up until now, we’ve seen the foursome (Issa, Molly, Kelli and Tiffany) hint at the “change” that comes when one person has a baby. Now, all bets are off and the ladies find themselves as outsiders at their own friend’s baby shower. Outside the event, Kelli steals the show by confessing- she’s losing her best friend; and I get it. Issa and Molly have each other and Kelli and Tiffany had each other. While the argument started because the crew didn’t plan the baby shower, the undertone was clear. Kelli is hurt and feels isolated and abandoned. While this was the slowest episode of the season, what we did get an opportunity to see were four women addressing the very important topic of friendship after marriage.ep22-default-1920

I’m a millennial and these ladies are too. It’s no secret that we don’t marry or have kids at the rate of those before us, so when one of us takes that step, things change. What a fair, and honest view of what we’re going through today.

Molly’s storyline this season seems to be the most under-developed. In the past two seasons, I really leaned on Molly for comedic relief and a genuine friendship with Issa. This season, her scenes are shorter and haven’t really shown the development as with the other three ladies. Work is a slow progression, but she’s adjusting. Her and Dro aren’t talking- oh and Candice comes to the baby shower and word is that she’s pregnant. Molly doesn’t say anything, and I don’t know that I want her too. Dro is married, they did their thing, it’s time to move on. But, that’s me, not Molly, so we have two episodes left to see if she’s going to address him.

Now let’s wine down with Issa, Prentice (writer/show-runner) and Natasha Rothwell (writer/ ‘Kelli’).

Next episode Issa tries to concentrate on her business plan but is driven to distraction and Molly steps out of her comfort zone in her love life. Take a peek.

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