Insecure: “High-Like”

This week, the fifth in Insecure‘s third season, Issa and her girls are flyin’ high and feelin’ fine as they head to Coachella for the weekend. Celebrating Tiffany (Amanda Seales) for one last time before her impending venture into motherhood, the girls plan for a wild ride and get all they wanted and more.

Picking up from the last episode, Issa is no longer working with We Got Y’all and now doing Lyft driving fulltime until she can get something else. At least she’s getting a good price on her apartment with the property management gig. Molly (Yvonne Orji) is still slugging it out at her new firm and trying to be a shining presence. I think her therapist made a good point when she asked about being helpful versus having to be a star. Molly is focusing on trying to make herself more prominent in the office but she’s going about it by constantly sucking up. She was on a good track to make friends with other women in the office but she jumped that ship for a flashier alternative. If your presence in the office is that of being helpful, people are far more apt to work with you on things, rather than feeling like you’re only out to be your own shining star.

07-insecure-105.w1200.h630But in any case, the girls make it out to the festival for shenanigans. Issa gets word from Nathan (Kendrick Sampson) and the girls make their way over to a massive pool party. Drug use ensues and before too long everybody except the preggo is tripping. They’re all waiting in a much-coveted spot for Beyonce when people start slipping away. Issa and Nathan try out the Ferris wheel only to get stuck up top. What’s a girl to do? Get laid apparently.

Meanwhile, Kelli (Natasha Rothwell) gets heated when their spot gets infringed on and goes off hardcore. Hardcore enough to get everyone kicked out, sans Issa and Nathan. In fact, so hardcore Kelli gets tased. Issa is trying to make it up to everyone since she feels that it is her fault for bailing. The girls get some sleep and while Issa is out for supplies she runs into a couple familiar faces. Hello, Lawrence. Dum dum dum. Of course as soon as anyone new comes into your life, BAM – an ex pops out of the woodwork somewhere. I was wondering when Jay Ellis would be back and here he is!

Issa is at a turning point right now. She’s trying to make a life she’s happy and successful with. Now it’s a question of what if they try again? Will Issa slip back into a life with Lawrence as a new person? Will she choose her independence and new choices over her past? Or could two people who have taken a break and refreshed themselves ultimately make a better couple than before? I don’t know, but I’m so ready to watch and find out. Check out next week’s promo as Lawrence and Issa catch up in 7-11.

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