Insecure: Episodes 3 & 4

Created by and starring Issa Rae, Insecure follows the life of a young black woman making her way in Los Angeles. In the first two episodes, we meet Issa working at a non-profit to help inner city kids. While she loves her job, she’s the token minority which makes her job difficult at times. She is struggling in her relationship with Lawrence and tested by the availability of her ex. Here’s what we expected from – 

Episode 3 – “Racist as F*ck.”

After avoiding coming home for a while, Issa comes back to her apartment but has yet to fully address the relationship issues with her long time boyfriend Lawrence (Jay Ellis). He’s been out of work for a while and the stress is emotionally and financially weighing down their relationship. Lawrence has a degree and is trying to find a job appropriate for his skill set, but it just isn’t happening yet. So he does what you have to do as an adult sometimes; you take a job you’re over-qualified for and make less money in order to have any money at all.  Job searching sucks and no one wants to take a job that they feel belittles their experience and education. But having a little money coming in is far better than having no money coming in. Plus depending on hours for the job, you can still feasibly job search for something better.

Issa’s own job is providing her with headaches. She comes up with a half intentioned idea to help the school kids. Her coworker Frieda (Lisa Joyce) gives her a suggestion and in the end, the two collaborate on the project. But everyone else in the office is losing their faith in Issa and sending texts and emails behind her back. Issa gets the last laugh though showing that, with a little hard work, even half-wit ideas can be successful.

Issa’s friend Molly (Yvonne Orji) is working through her own woes. Dating that is. She’s not hitting it off with guys. Or when she is, they just want sex. She meets a guy at the club but he blows her off when Issa begins rapping about her problems – you know.

He catches up with her later, and even when meeting her friends Jered (Langston Kerman) comes off as a catch.  But when Molly finds out he didn’t go to college, she ditches him for more elite dating. Her standards could end up being an issue in the long run if she’s not careful.


Episode 4, – “Thirsty as F*ck”

Issa and Lawrence are back on track in their relationship. But Issa’s ex Daniel (Y’lan Noel) shows up at her job wanting to figure out where they stand.  She states she’s back with Lawrence, but when someone falls through for the job fair, Daniel steps up to fill the void. The kids dig him and when Daniel lets go that Miss Issa can lay raps, the kids eat it up. Shame her rap on  is so very, very dirty. Not really good material for youth. Meanwhile, Lawrence is catching up with a friend during his break on his new job. She’s quite pretty. I wonder if there is a past relationship there?…hmmm…?

Molly hits it off with a guy enough for a few dates, but she inevitably puts her foot in her mouth; which isn’t the most bothersome drama for her.  A new law associate joins Molly’s firm and is a little too ostentatious in Molly’s opinion. She offers her some advice to turn it down while at work, which is not appreciated. And when the firm’s partners ask Molly to say something she’s stuck between a rock and a hard place. She sticks up for herself but faces some guilt for what the new associate goes through when she gets a talking to from the bosses. It will be interesting to see how their relationship unfolds at work. Here’s what Insecure has in store for next week!

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