HBOWatch has been keeping track of TOGETHERNESS and it is a good thing that we have been because it has just been green-lit for a series. Before we get the latest details here are links to our previous coverage. The Development Slate reported back on 03.04.13 that the Duplass Brothers were granted to shoot a pilot; on 03.05.13 casting of the pilot started and on 06.07.13 Mark Duplass took the leading role himself.

The Duplass brothers, Mark and Jay are writers, directors and executive producers of the series. The show has been granted, based on the pilot shot we assume, eight episodes as a half-hour single camera comedy. It is expected to begin production in early 2014.  We’ll will watch for any news about the comedy as it arises.

We know it is not much to go on right now, but, if nothing else, we did want to show that HBOWatch is on top of all the news about what is coming to HBO in the years ahead.


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