Deborah Ann Woll Finds Love, Inspiring Boyfriend

Most of you know Deborah Ann Woll from as HBO’s loveliest vampire progeny, Jessica Hamby.  But as gorgeous as she is the actress takes a back seat to her long-time boyfriend when it comes to inspirational life stories. EJ Scott is a young man with a degenerative disease that affects eyesight called Choroideremia. He is slowly becoming blind and will eventually lose his eyesight completely.

But EJ shows no sign of slowing down and the couple has produced the following PSA to raise awareness:

“The worst thing for a cause is silence… So you’ve got to get up and do something” – EJ

What a truly inspiring couple. We may be a little late to be getting this message out (the video was produced last fall) but we thought Valentine’s Day would be a great occasion to celebrate an inspirational love story like this.

If you’d like to help combat this disease head over to or EJ’s website and make a donation today. HBOWatch is proud to have just made a modest donation on behalf of all of the authors here on the site. Please consider following our lead today.

Happy Valentine’s Day, True Blood fans! Jessica and season six will return to HBO this spring. Waiting sucks and so does Choroidermia.  Let’s fight back together.



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