BALLERS Drops A Tease For Season Three

The Rock and company are back to make the deal and this time the goal is world domination starting with Las Vegas, Nevada. Say, what? That is correct it is right in the tease recently launched about the third season of Dwayne Johnson’s BALLERS. Give the fast-paced clip a look.

Spencer Strasmore (Johnson) and Joe Krutel (Rob Corddry) are going all in now that the company has left the Miami scene and are now out on the West Coast. And they are out People_SteveGuttenberg-150x150to expand the business, their stable of clients and their worth and apparently are willing to take all the risk they can to do it. But, who is all in for the ride? Don’t worry all the ballers are there. And so is Spencer’s new hip apparently. At least it appears so as he is seen rolling on the bed with a playmate.

Also making an appearance are plenty of cameos from NFL players bit by the acting bug. You did catch just such a player in Steph Curry, right? Also taking a role will be Steve Guttenberg (pictured), of Police Academy fame (and others), playing Wayne Hastings Jr, a Las Vegas billionaire, real estate mogul and casino magnate. Strasmore will no doubt tangle with this big player of a different sort.

Are you ready for the hustle, the action, the parties, the girls, the wheelin’ & dealin’ and the high-stakes schemes? It sure seems like Spencer is all in. And as for the rest of them? We know it is unclear what is next for all the fellas, but we can be sure they will want a piece of the action and at no expense to their personal lives. But, we know that will be a tough game to play. Dream it. Risk it. Build it. And they will come.  

Now, all you have to do is come to HBO beginning Sunday, July 23 at 10:00pm and watch it all play out – BALLERS Season Three!


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