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Ballers Season 3: Post-Season Playback

by Alexandra Mitchell
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This season closed with a bang, but it wasn’t just the end of the season that carried the drama along with the ball. This whole season kept the drama going up, down, and all over the field.  But the second half at least gave us a couple significant jukes, one hell of a flag, and a classic against the clock scenario. Here’s what happened in the second half of season 3 to all our favorite players.


Charles (Omar Benson Miller) found himself in the middle of a coach and GM (Dule Hill) clash, pulling him to their opposing sides for his support.  Zig one way, and zag another. With the encouragement of his wife Julie (Jazmyn Simon), the four of them sit down for a meal and well, to say it doesn’t go well is a really big understatement. Charles attempts to correct the imbalance, becoming all the more difficult after the head coach gets fired. Clashing with the GM over who should take the position, Charles goes over his head and then GM’s head hits the chopping block. And if all that going back and forth wasn’t enough, we find out he isn’t the first pick to replace the GM (ouch.)  So does he intend to stick around to play second fiddle? Or will he zag his way out of Miami and head for greener pastures?

Ricky (John David Washington) had some zig zags of his own this season as well. After finding out he got a one night stand pregnant, he waffles back and forth over BallersS3_Juke02-300x203what to do. As if his brain space wasn’t stressed enough, he finds himself struggling with memory. A fateful show up in a strange house and one punch later, Ricky is officially worried. He spares himself most of the embarrassment but he can’t spare his concussed brain which is healing slowly after so much damage on the field. With his brain in a fragile place, Ricky sees a shrink who puts a couple dots together and diagnoses him with Bipolar Disorder. Talk about a hard hit. Ricky struggles over deciding to take medication, worried about how it will affect his field performance. But with a coming baby and a damaged brain, the field is really the least of his worries. So much so, he decides he’s going to retire. The question is how long will it last when he’s knee deep in screaming baby and diapers? What’s the clock on how long it takes him to decide he wants the football life back?



BallersS3_Flag-300x200After his massively poor decision to get involved in the marijuana business….I mean CBD (sorry, Reggie), Vernon (Donovan W. Carter) is on the outs with his team and the league taking a four-game suspension.  And it isn’t just four games off, it’s a hit to his paychecks too. n an attempt to backpedal, Reggie (London Brown) and Joe (Rob Corddry) meet with the ball busting league rep Candace (Emayatzy Corinealdi) who is the one who handed down the suspension. Reggie smooth talks her enough for the suspension to be dropped down to two games instead of four.  In fact, it turns out Reggie is a pretty smooth talker and one to help handle difficult situations.  So much so, he is starting to pimp his tactics to other players in need.  How long before Reggie wants out from under Vernon’s shadow?


Running the Clock

BallersS3_RunningTheClock-300x169Whether running against the clock or running out the clock, Spencer’s (Dwayne Johnson) life right now is all about timing. Working the huge Vegas deal, Spencer is often forgetting to prioritize clients. He seems entrenched in making the Vegas deal work.  Getting ASM on board isn’t easy as Bret (Richard Schiff) and his younger brother the CEO (Steven Weber) don’t exactly get along. But Spencer and Joe make it happen and get ready for their bid. Only to find out league worker Candace has cards up her sleeve and will do anything to kill their deal. Basically, because she hates Spencer.  So now he’s up against the clock and Candace to make it happen. Meanwhile, in his personal life, he’s dealing with time as well. His fertility won’t last forever and he brings up the idea of having a kid with Chloe (Serinda Swan) his current-when-convenient-squeeze. She, of course, sees right through it and realizes he wants a kid because of the time he has left, not because he actually cares enough about her to have a kid with her. Damn. For now, that part of Spencer’s life seems uncertain, but what is certain is that he intends to continue to build ASM into a global powerhouse. And we will continue to be along for the ride.


Remember Ballers is already renewed for 2018. See you then team! 

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