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Ballers Season Three Halftime Review

by Bernard Leak
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This post catches up with what has been going down on Ballers Season Three. We look at the plots of – 

Episode 2- “Bull Rush”
Episode 3- “In the Teeth”
Episode 4- “Ride and Die” and
Episode 5- “Make Believe”



As we approach the halfway point in the Ballers season, we see that Spencer Strasmore (Dwayne Johnson) is all in with the Vegas deal. While he continues to meet obstacles along the way, one thing is for sure: tell him he can’t and he will do everything in his power to make it happen! On his quest to find a sponsor for 400 acres of Vegas land and a team to transition to the city where all things fun happen, his fame and star power seem to work against him. In one area of his life, the NFL has made it clear that they do not want to see this happen. In their own words, they would hate to see him as an “enemy of the league!” A pretty hefty indirect threat that, if he didn’t take serious, he would surely get the memo fairly soon!

The league sent a compliance officer to test Vernon Littlefield (Donovan Carter) for drugs. To make things more scandalous, he had recently been publicly attached to a marijuana brand that was sure to not only draw the attention of the league but any other sponsor in the future. Things get real funny when we realize the compliance officer is extra committed to his job. He literally sits beside the toilet, and watches players pee in a cup! How’s that for a day job!

Up next…Ricky Jerret (John David Washington). After being in utter denial about being the father of a one-night stand turned two-time encounc_scale,fl_progressive,q_80,w_800ter, he eventually accepted his role in the pregnancy. Though not without a lot of drama. You see he shows up to the first doctor’s appointment only to find his baby mama’s male friend there. Assuming at its best, he daps the guy up and wishes them both well. In his eyes, it’s not his kid if this guy is here! A few avoided calls and texts later, the baby mama hops over the wall of his house and they enter a hilarious debate about him being the father. In the end, his assistant confirms that the date and time in question makes him the best suspect for paternity. Oh and, let us not forget how Spencer factors in. Because of his new found enemy, we get a heads up that Ricky’s next on their quest to stop Spencer from bringing the NFL to Vegas. I imagine it will revolve around an incident where Ricky went into the wrong house in the middle of the night (how this happens, I’m not sure) and punches a kid in the face after thinking it’s an intruder…Ehh, sounds like assault and punishment will make its way into this seasons story line for sure! We’ll keep our eye out for that. 


Spencer’s right-hand man, Joe (Rob Corddry) is still the driving comedic force in this series. One thing is for sure, he is Spencer’s ‘ride or die‘ guy. But, that doesn’t mean he gets it right every time. We see him struggle to boss up when needed, often times blurring the boundary lines between professionalism and friendship. While it’s good to have that one partner/friend who is the complete opposite of you, Joe sometimes struggles to find the balance in it all. But through his mistakes, struggles and shortcomings, he always manages to get it together when it counts!

While the season isn’t as funny as it started for me, the script continues to evolve in a way that keeps me wanting to see more. I imagine the struggle between Spencer and the league will continue to push the series through its final episodes. They will torture him by attacking his client list, making his job so difficult and ultimately aiming to distract him from the Vegas deal. The series has been renewed for another season so if this Vegas deal does indeed come through, I imagine this season was a set up for the scandals of Sin City!

We will have a Ballers “post-game” post as the season concludes in a few weeks.

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