An Insider Look at HBO’s The Newsroom

The-Newsroom-1-Cover-300x203A week ago if you would have asked the average Joe on the street about the upcoming Sorkin drama on HBO ‘The Newsroom’ you would have been greeted with puzzled looks. But after the first trailer dropped during the world premiere of Game of Thrones that all changed. Vanity Fair is the most recent media outlet to take a look at the new series and they deliver the goods from behind the scenes.
Sorkin, who rarely gives interviews, had a few things to say about his HBO news drama and TV in general:

“I love television,” Sorkin says. “I love putting on a show every week. I love coming to work with the same people every week. I love the immediacy of it. But the price that you pay for all that is the ferocity of the schedule. We have to make a one-hour movie every nine days. So I have to write a one-hour movie every nine days. You’re writing an episode, you’re shooting an episode, and one is in postproduction while another is in pre-production, casting, and scouting. It becomes a little bit like a MASH unit.”

Take a look at some of the insider photos from the HBO set.

The Newsroom premieres June 24th on HBO.

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