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We thought we should give a quick reminder to those interested that LOOKING premieres on Sunday, 01.19 at 10:30pm right after TRUE DETECTIVE and GIRLS. We covered all the major statistics on the show back in November, but some fresh insights are helpful.

  People_JGroffRecently at the TCA event a panel was held to discuss the show and these few quotable quotes help to give viewers a sense of what the show is about. Lead Jonathan Groff  (pictured) states –

 “All the characters are gay, but that’s not the big issue in their lives. It’s not coming out stories.”

 Creator/writer Michael Lannan said –

“It is such a different time now there are a lot of pressures that gay people have from their parents that they didn’t have before, like getting married.” Welcome to the mainstream, what do you do now?”

Also assisting us to get us up to speed is this convenient explanation.


HBOWatch is getting a team of writers ready to review this eight episode season of the show that takes us to exciting San Francisco and into the lives of the three guys played by Jonathan Groff, Frankie J. Alveraz and Murray Bartlett. It has been billed, but not by the cast and crew, as the “Gay GIRLS” and even the Gay “SEX AND THE CITY” and we will have to see whether those comparisons ring true. It all starts with the premiere review and analysis coming shortly.  Are you looking forward to LOOKING?

 To take us out is one video yet to appear on our site. Here is a short clip from Episode One.



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