Terence Winter on Boardwalk Empire Season 3

By Jacob Klein on Dec 12, 2011 to Boardwalk Empire

Boardwalk Empire showrunner and executive producer Terence Winter, who wrote last night’s season finale, talked to EW about the finale as well as Season 3.  The first part of the interview includes major spoilers for those of you who missed last night’s episode so beware!  If you’re looking for a bit of healing you might want to give the entire thing a full read.   There are a lot of gangsters the show has yet to explore.  Here’s what Terence had to say about Boardwalk Empire season 3:

With Van Alden having run off to Cicero, is he going to still be in our story?
Yeah. People who are really students of Mob history will pick up on the fact that Cicero, Ill., is the place Al Capone became headquartered in 1924. So we put him in a place where he theoretically could interact with other characters on the show.

So can we expect to see Al Capone come into his own as a formidable force next season?
As time goes on. The plan is now is we would come back in season 3 a little further into the future and start to really track Al Capone’s rise and — God willing — through the course of the series. By 1925, Capone was the guy everybody recognizes — the guy in the white fedora who’s firmly in charge of Chicago. Hopefully we’ll be on the air long enough to see that guy. Certainly in [season 3] we’ll start to see Capone on pretty much equal footing as Johnny Torrio in terms of who’s running the town.

You mentioned jumping forward in time for season 3. How long will that be? [Note: Season 2 was set in 1921]
We’re thinking about 16 months and starting the [third] season around the beginning of 1923, then maybe run through the end of 1923. It was an exciting year. All the people who stockpiled liquor started to run out, so competition between bootleggers became really fierce.

I can’t imagine Nucky is going to be very pleased with Margaret donating all his land to the church.
I don’t think that will make anybody happy. The ramifications of that will be explored as the series progresses.

And I’m assuming Richard Harrow will continue as a key player?
Yes, Harrow will continue to be part of the show, absolutely.

One thing that impacted me this season was the polio story line — a really heartbreaking move. It’s easy to forget nowadays what a horrible disease that was.
Especially with that little girl. That actress is really so sweet. It was hard for us. My wife read that script and punched me in the arm. Steve Buscemi read the script and said he threw it across the room. We did a lot of research on the subject and it just ravaged children in this country, and adults too. It was a horrific disease.

So for season 3, I hear you’re looking to add a new character, Bud Matheson, described as a young James Cagney type. Might that be Boardwalk‘s new up-and-comer?
Yeah. As the ’20s progressed and became the Roaring ’20s, it was very youth-oriented culture. Young people really came into their own, with access to automobiles. They had influence on popular music and fashion trends. We really wanted to infuse the show with some exciting young sexy energy and this guy is the sort of embodiment of that new sort of go-getter who wants to grasp things with both hands. Cagney was a great prototype — the fast-talking brash young guy who wants it all and wants it now.

Boardwalk Empire Season 3 premieres next fall (we know, we know… that seems like the distant future, right?).  Check out our HBO Series Premiere Schedule for the latest.

  • Sandra Moylan

    By the way this is my favorite show!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Sandra Moylan

    I loved the show tonight. I really think Gip will be a great gangster and putting O’ Banion was a great idea. I knew Margaret and Nucky were over when she signed the deed to the church. Yeh for Jimmy, Richard got your set up guy,

  • Team Jimmy!

  • Emil

    I dont think any of the girls posting here are over 16

  • Wow

    Not done watching S2 but I already knew Jimmy would die. I knew he would but I must admit not this soon. But anyways, as I was real curious as to who these characters were based on in real life I did a search and that’s how I found spoiler pages (type in Jimmy’s full character name on google and the first source is a big ‘Whose upset that Jimmy died’ on yahoo).

    Anyways, digressing. At the start of S1 or, even, the end of S2 I was rooting that Jim and Nuck make up. After all Nuck brought him up and to Jimmy, Nuck stood like a father. But as the story progressed, it can’t be helped, but Jimmy was a usurper and he got what he deserved. Unfortunately for him Nucky was far smarter than he was (S1 Nucky advised him several times to take it easy but Jimmy doesn’t have the constitution and is hot-headed).

    He was a fave but there are certainly other characters as or more interesting than him.

    Gee.. ladies of the show get a grip! Admiring an actor is fine but obsessing is really not. To say Jimmy’s story was the only interesting part of the show is doing the show discredit. Sides, Jimmy’s story rans very closely to everything on screen as, like the rest, it revolves around Nucky. To be just interested in the character because of the actor (obsession) sounds awe-fully superficial and disturbing.

    Come on to the actual women who enjoy the show because it’s intriguing and brilliant?!

  • burchyboyuk

    when the hell is this show back on in the uk

  • Richard H

    Let’s face it, Pitt had an extremely well character who’s roll he played extremely well. Admittedly yes, it’s going to be hard to watch the show without Jimmy. I mean look, he represented a what kind of personality a lot of us have today all in one character. He was a family man (keep in mind he sent his wife money that got held up b van Alden), he was a close friend to harrow, he cared for those who were less fortunate such as pearl, a war hero, and as a lot of us military men are, he was a hardass who thought because he was in the military he was untouchable. Pitts character Jimmy is a great part of the show, but it is not THE show, keep in mind everyone else who make nucky who he is and where he’s at (I.e. Margaret, Lucy, Eli, his father, Van Alden, and both the republican and democratic politicians, and chalky). The show is about nucky Thompson and how he ran shit. Everyone else, well they are what help make nucky, who he was.

  • I was shocked when Jimmy was killed. Honestly didn’t see it coming (+ fact that he was main character). Can’t wait for the next season though.

  • Lisa Reeney

    Still no article on the HBO Watch page that Bobby Cannavale is joining the cast as a series regular ? That should have been posted days ago. HBO should do a better job of keeping viewers up to date on the new season. The BE page has not been updated since the dvd came out on the 10th of Jan.

  • studlee

    I think it’s weird that everyone wants to see capones rise to power when lucky actually rises to the top and runs the mafia in true history capone was still beneath lucky in the chain of power, but i love where the story is going can’t wait for the next season.

  • Willie

    It just seems strange to me that one of the biggest shows on HBO and it’s co-lead micheal Pitt was not nominated for any awards, has done almost no interviews about the show, no promotional work for boardwalk empire, and is not included on any DVD commentary or cast interviews. I know he is a very selective private actor but something seems very wrong. Of course he is not going to say anything negative about the writers or crew, Martin scorcese and mark wahlberg are executive producers and Terrence winter and company have huge clout with the sopranos and all the other HBO shows they have written for. If micheal Pitt said anything negative he would never work again and it isn’t just something that happens in movies if you try to stand up for yourself in that industry you get ostracized very quickly and can go from a multi million dollar actor to unemployable in a matter of months.

    • Sarah Muller

      Jimmy/Pitt was a great combo but I’m interested in the new Bud character. I don’t think that jimmy was that much like Cagney, only in that they were both ambitious. The new Matheson character is described as being quite different than Darmody. He is not a brooder or contemplator. He is outgoing, talkative, funny and a natural born leader and always on the make. Jimmy was dealing with alot of depression and issues with his parents, past sexual abuse, a wife that was not in love with him ect. The new character will have alot of issues too but they will be different than Jimmy’s were. I too think that there were problems of some kind with Pitt on the set. Maybe he just challenged the writers alot and they didn’t like that and thought it would be best to move on without him. It’s disappointing but I hope the show can stay on for many more sesons. The 20’s are rich with great gangster stories and I agree that there are alot of new interesting characters they can create. Even the non fictional storylines will be different because BE is having guys like Luciano hook up with Gillian, and work with Harrow and Doyle. This season they will introduce the non fictional Dean O’Banion to the Capone storyline and Van Alden will be out there getting into the mix of things with them both. I can’t wait for season 3.

  • Willie

    TI, exactly you hit it dead on! Cagney like character pfff! Thats exactly what Jimmy was. They kill off the young hip energy and say we are going to include young fresh hip energy season 3.??????? That seems a little redundant now. I mean Jimmy Darmody original best character in a long time, WW1 vet, ruthless gangster with a limp, colt pistols and trench knife! There was nothing more stylish and cool than that! He gets snuffed and replaced by a bunch of boring creepy old men. I mean c’mon we’ve seen the whole Luciano, bugsy, Capone thing a million times Christian Slater even played Lucky for Christs sake. It’s been done a million times this whole theory of Jimmy is not a real character well good that’s what made it so cool, not just the same old rehashed B.s. I love B.E. and all the characters but they all needed each other, just a real disappointment. Also the reason Jimmy turned on Nucky was because he let Rothstein get away with trying to kill him Jimmy was disgusted at Nucky for being weak and making him do his dirty work. I really am interested at seeing Eli next season even though he’s a bumbling guy he really is nuckys muscle and seeing them two brothers turn into ruthless gangsters will be fun to watch

    • Willie

      I agree with what the girl above said about good writing and maybe new characters will take the role of nuckys right hand give the show excitement and move on as the 20’s change it is a possibility. I just think the reason people are upset has more to do with the writers and more to the story than just there was nothing more Jimmy could do he had to die. I think people realize there is more to the story and it may have had to do with personal politics and writers egos. I have worked in Hollywood quite a bit and have seen many times great actors get replaced or written out sometimes in very disrespectful and humiliating ways. The politics of Hollywood is very disturbing and no matter what the writers may say make no mistake about it they are ruthless, unforgiving, and have very big egos. If they could write themselves into their shows they would! I know they were rumors of micheal Pitt at odds with the writers as well as Paz de la Huerta. Who knows?????

  • Melinda

    Me and my husband love this show. Does anyone know when season 2 will be available for purchase?

  • Jimmy’s death was the only way it could go in the end – but I remain surprised that Nucky seems to have forgiven Eli so easily. Most looking forward to seeing the fall out from Margaret’s donation to the church and the impact this will have on Nucky and Margaret’s relationship dynamic. Loved how we saw Margaret become the strong element of the relationship in series two, supporting Nucky through his downfall early on. I have to say that I felt angry with Nucky when he seemingly forgets this in the finale, almost duping Margaret into marriage and choosing not to confide in her – good on her for donating the land, he deserved it!

    • @Nathalie,

      I got on Wikipedia and easily found out Nucky NEVER does kill his brother, Eli in real life. That being the case, it won’t happen on the show.

      Also, when asked if Richard would exact revenge upon Nucky for Jimmy’s death , the writer Terrence Winter said it wasn’t needed (I’m paraphrasing here). I don’t know if he said it to throw people off or if he’s telling the truth. If all of this is true then I agree with another commentor here who said he didn’t know which direction the show was going.

      • Hi Shot Yourselves in the Foot,

        Interesting what you say about Nucky’s brother in real life. I haven’t really looked into the real story behind the show – I guess because I like to be surprised by it and see it more as a work of fiction/art than the historical truth on which it is based – but everyone enjoys the show for different reasons and that’s what makes it such a great series. Just to be clear though, I hadn’t thought or hoped that Nucky would kill Eli, I just hoped he would give him a much harder time – perhaps Nucky will make life more difficult for Eli next season?!

        I am going to miss Jimmy – Michael Pitt is an amazing actor and Jimmy’s character was a strong one. I just think that it would have been out of character for Nucky to handle the situation any other way and might have jeopardised the believability of the story.

        As you say, I’m not sure how they will progress Richard’s character either, but I’m sure the writers have something up their sleeve. All these changes just make me more eager to tune in next time to see where the writers will take it. I don’t think that they should feel too constrained by historical evidence about the characters (of course, as you also say, key historical facts should be adhered too) but instead just let the characters that they have created grow and develop.

        • studlee

          10 stars to what you said natalie. can’t agree with you more

  • liquidesnake

    If you really watched they have to get rid of the show jimmy’s character. jimmy was finished no more wife, father, business and a sicko mother that i am sure he wanted to kill. and also his relationship with the main character was also finished, after trying to kill him. so what was the point to keep him in the show?

  • I hope you guys realise berating people for being disappointed in the death of Jimmy D makes no sense. He was a pivotal part of the show, to remove him in just the second season under those circumstances was not just premature but foolish, shows survive because of ratings getting rid of arguably the shows most captivating characters cannot be good for ratings, I do not see the series going past a 3rd season, crying shame because it was easily one of my favourite shows of all time.

    • lisa reeney

      Isn’t it just possible that if Boardwalk Empire could cast someone like Pitt and write a charctaer like Darmody they could do it again with someone else ? and if you say I’m not going to watch anymore you may miss that next great character ? Maybe the idea is to have Nucky be the lead character and bring in a new co-lead every couple of seasons to reflect a new time in the era. jimmy represented the “lost Generation ” and a new character will represent the roaring 20’s and maybe someone else at the end of the decade. If one of the new characters is to be based on Cagney in anyway, than that character has the potential to be really great, providing he is well cast. Somebody tough and likable but still messed up like Jimmy only in a different way. I don’t think the writers thought people were going to get so attached to Jimmy. But people should give them a chance before they say they desroyed the show. Nobody knows what season 3 will be like and what direction they will take the show in. even without Jimmy it has still got to be in the top five or ten best shows on t.v. Keep an open mind. It might surprise you!

      • Nina


  • I agree with many other here in that I won’t be watching season 3. I don’t care about Capone’s rise to power because he’s only interesting when he’s already IN power & has Frank Nitti with him. Luciano, Meyer, Lansky are only intertesting after MURDER, INC. Get it??

    There’s a reason why no one has really covered this material before : because it’s BORING. You men on here excited about Capone’s ‘rise’ must be old geezers, nothing more. Getting angry because people want good acting on the show (Jimmy/ Michael Pitt)? Getting angry because people gravitate to fleshed out characters (Jimmy)? Getting angry because they don’t want to ‘tune in’ to watch old men (all the men except Jimmy, the FBI agent, Richard)?

    Gonna cry because Michael Pitt was gorgeous and hot & the best actor on the show? Old farts, stop whinning & crying because nobody likes your stupid, boring show anymore. Jimmy was the heart & soul of it. He IS a young Frank Nitti with acting chops & a hot body. Stop your CONSTANT hating on men who are handsome because people are tired of hearing it.

    P.S. I predict this show will have a shorter run than it could’ve had. Anyone who wants to know about Capone et al can wikipedia it for free, not pay HBO money to show us $h1t.

    • Max

      …Speaking of crybabies.

    • Nina

      u r sooo right michael pitt is an amazing gifted actor but he only cares about acting not the fame thats what i love about him….

      • sin darius

        he may only care about the acting ….but he actually kinda sucked at acting….and i have read all your posts and i think that u r too in love with this guy to see how bad he really was …yes i did like his character in the show…but get over it…. this show will be better as it goes on with more people who know how to act….like mr.buschemi

  • Duder

    So this show is seriously lacking action. They need to bring in robot cyborg bootleggers who kill Al Capone, Nucky, and Luciano. Oh and bring Jimmy back to life as a Darth Vader type character.

    • Nina

      yesssss wellll the part about bringing jimmy back is amazing the other half is just fucked up

  • Max

    I’m torn on a season 3. No, not solely because Jimmy’s dead, but it is part of it. Because the last episode had this really strong sense of completion to it, Jimmy and Nucky’s rivalry being brought to a close, Margaret finally admitting to herself that Nucky is a bastard and even screwing him over for it. The charges against Nucky being dismissed. The story of Boardwalk just seemed to be over. And I’ve already seen the rise of the New York and Chicago characters in other films and shows. For me, it feels over. That being said, I’ll probably give it a chance, but I don’t see sticking around.

    • Agree 100%

      • Nina

        yaa and why the hell is nuckys voice so real i dont want to watch the show when the main characters voice sounds like he breathes out of his nose uggggg

        • to the lost

          Nina, hunny….jimmy is not real ok. Why dont you go to a michael pitt fan page or something…you are too young naaive to be posting on here you sound like your iq is 85, you are young so im not insulting you im just letting you know how you sound. Wishing that a character on a show is dead isnt the same as wishing a real live person is dead because they arent the same thing are they? do you understand

        • Nina

          to the lost,…. hunny u have no idea what ur sayying stop talking to me like i am 5 yrs old im only 7 yrs older than that…. and i completely understand that there is a difference between a character and a person just like how i understand the rest of the show and i know exactly wht there talking about so dont think that i dont have a clue and r u blind? i said before that i only care if he is alive in real life and i dont think there is a michael pitt fan page… and i understanddd ohhhhh i understand everythinggggg

  • Brandon

    Seriously????? So what jimmy is dead! Michael pitt played a great true south jersey boy but he is fictional. This is nuckys show. Read the book better yet just read the history of atlantic city and the surrounding towns. Season 2 showed some huge changes not just for bootlegging liquor and the progression of the featured politicians and gangsters but south jersey alone such as the land margaret donated to the church…… Concidering the land shown for the roads are for rt 30 and rt 40 and the future ac expressway wich i have used to get to work in atlantic city every day! That is just one example. Its shows how the soith jersey i live in now came to be because of the corruption in then nj government. Read ur history and ull see the many directions this show can go considering nucky doesnt actually go to prison for more than 10 yrs from the end of season 2 and many more years of prohibition.

  • Sam S.

    THE greatest show on television is Boardwalk Empire.
    I was sad to see Jimmy go since he was one of my favorite character, but show moves on. Glad to hear that Richard Harrow is still in the picture. Without Jimmy it will still be the best original series ever made.

    I figured out a way to bring back Michael Pitt. Season 4 should start out sometime in mid-30s when prohibition was repealed. Jimmy’s son grows up. Who is better to play him but Michael Pitt himself. :) He can pull it off.

    • vân

      jimmy was died and this show is so suck!

  • Steve defrancesca

    Bravo to the boardwalk empire crew. I enjoyed sapronos and noticed a familiar similarities to boardwalk but with a 1920 setting and history involved(two thumbs up)……. Jimmy had guts, stand-up guy. However, he got what was comming to him. Jim was messed up in the head and we all know why !!

    • Nina

      uhhh no i think we all know why ur messed up

      • studlee

        you are the one messed up get help.

        • Nina

          OMG leave me alone stop commenting on what i say thats a little creepy…..

        • studlee

          goes the same for you leave me alone

        • Nina

          haha good one u started all of this u horney old man

        • studlee

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        • Nina

          noooo u replyed first so u can fuck off and this is just too funny i mean really my name isnt nina soo ya and is that the best u can come up with ( soundd familar?!?!?!) im not the retarted when ur fucking sick and have a disgusting mind and u obvi dont know any good comebacks or have friends cuz u would have given up already and dont tell me to die thats soo mean ya i do say pretty mean things but i could never tell anyone to go die thats horriable!!! so studlee what im sayying is that u shld face reality and realize that if i died the shows like tosh.0,familyguy,south park and all of those would loose views cuz those r like my fav shows and ya

        • studlee

          please fuck off i am done with you and yes you are retarded you can’t even spell,and you call me retarded….. fuck if your dad’s dead he probably killed himself because he couldn’t stand being your father. if you”re done then be done you loser, move on; like what the fuck you obsessing about me now i thought you you wanted jimmy. just leave me alone can’t you get a clue LEAVE ME ALONE !!!!! go leave you life get a man or girl what ever you prefer and leave me alone thanks

        • studlee

          i don’t care if you are a girl or a boy but you need to move on. please i am asking nicely this time for you to just go away. this is pointless so go enjoy life i don’t want to battle with you anymore you are not worth my time good luck in life.

      • to the lost

        It was pretty sad to see jimmy get a bullet in the head with all he went through in his life and he was a great character that they should have killed him in the last season. But you cant compare him to tony soprano, the show obviously lives and dies with nucky or else they wouldnt show him in the show opening with the booze at his feet and whether or not Jimmy darmody is based on a real character, I dunno. I’ve heard Jimmy Boyd is who hes based on but i’ve done research and cant find anything on whoever that might have been. OH and Nina, hunny….jimmy is not real ok. Why dont you go to a michael pitt fan page or something…you are too young naaive to be posting on here you sound like your iq is 85, you are young so im not insulting you im just letting you know how you sound. Richard Harrow is a sick character though I cant imagine where his place will be. I agree, the show is called boardwalk empire not the rise of al capone, charles luciano, and mayer lansky

      • pete

        Heh. You two need to keep fighting. It’s the most entertaining thing since jimmy died.

        • billyjean

          Amen to that.
          Nina is making me lose faith in humanity but it is making me feel better about myself. Boardwalk forever.

  • qwerty

    Done with the show!

    • Ian, Russ

      Good. The less dumber fans the better.

      • burchyboyuk

        ha ha ha ha ha ha

        • Nina


  • DL

    Jimmy had risen to being the true star of Boardwalk Empires. He became the Tony Soprano of the show. What would have happened if Tony was killed in Season 2 of The Sopranos? I can tell you, the show would have died with him. Jimmy was the sympathetic, pathos of the criminal. You didn’t look past the nose on your face when you decided Jimmy needed to die.
    I won’t be watching anymore

    • bob

      boo hoo, gotta love the “i wont watch this anymore comments” what a bunch of dicks. Your opinions are so negative. Great show and will continue to be.

      • Munya

        Good call Boychick!

      • studlee

        thank you i agree with you. for ALL the girls that have cried about jimmy’s death go back to your soaps they even tell you NUCKEY is the main character the story revolves around do your history jimmy wasn’t a real characters the main real ones through history were capone, lucky, and nuck ya i was a little sad to see jimmy die but to say this show is going down hill because of jimmy’s death you are not watching this show for the right reasons. for all the BAND WAGONERS who were just watching this great show for their crush on jimmy grow up we don’t need you anyway.

        • you do realise the show is fictional its not a documentary, the writers and directors are given artistic license and should have used it more effectively. This show was easily the best i had ever seen, now i really don’t see where this is heading.

        • Nina

          ya uhhhh nooo jimmy made this fucking show u dumbass ur just jelllo of him (jealous ur prob to stupid to figure it out) so acually i will watch season 3 but i will still be pist that they killed the love of my life (jimmy) so shut up ur prob in love with him and will go gay for him cuz he is beautiful

        • studlee

          wow nina is that best you can come up with? i am surprised you know how to work a computer. fuck you are a loser.

        • Nina

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        • studlee

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        • Nina

          heyyy ur sooo meannn if ur married thats good for u but that means im like 20 years younger than u and umm im a girl sooo ya but it sounds like ur not married and i just was sayying i love jimmy u got a little carried away and im not as coldhearted as u and would hope for someone to die thats horriable and it sounds like u rlly need a therapist to like talk about ur anger promblems and i feel bad for the person ur fucking cuz it sounds like u make a lot of wierd sex noises but whatever its not my buissness so im ending this and just to let u know im 15 sooooo i rlly hope that u find this gross and ya ill have to admit people do get annoying when they keep on sayying that they wont watch the show anymore because jimmy i died rlly all i care about is that he is alive in real life so maybe u should shit talk someone else someone that has a smaller chance by getting raped by u…..

        • studlee

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        • nina

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        • britney

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        • britney

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  • Violist#2

    I learned of this show from my stand partner in orchestra, and I have to say it was tough to get into for me at first, but I’ve grown to like it all because Jimmy being my favorite character. It’ll make the show tougher to watch, but if they don’t kill Eli eventually and do kill Richard, I will loose interest.

  • joyce

    boardwalk Empire is a great show…..cant wait for season 3

    Happy that you are telling it the way it really was in the 1920-35

    I remember!!!!!!

  • Peppe andrade

    But seriously folks. Do you think a person can survive with two shots in the head? I think there are cases that a man has a little chance of survival. But remember, in this series they are in the beginning of the XX century and medicine was still developing and it wasn’t so advanced.
    So it’s impossible that jimmy could survive. But we don’t know what would happen in the 3rd season. Maybe the whole situation was arranged as a demonstration of the power of Nucky, and this also shows that nobody messes with him.

    • Jimmy, D

      In Season 3, Jimmy survives the wounds, but he is completely brain dead. He communicates messages to Richard and his Mom through blinking. Jimmy is alive…….oh yes, he is alive. :)

      • Peppe andrade

        so, Jimmy turns into a something like stephen hawking of a pre industrial age! I think nobody would like that. THAT’S NOT FAIR DUDE!

      • Nina

        how do you know???

  • vag

    Come on people relax, its not history its a tv series,fiction.Nobody
    says its true, maybe the characters are based in some real people
    but most of it are script.Didnt like Jimmys death but its an amazing
    show cant wait for season 3.

  • gary arbon

    best show ever but what will happen to jimmys masked friend ?

    • burchyboyuk

      There starting 3rd series 16 months ahead of where series 2 finished so reckon he will just be forgotten about. could never understand what that fella was trying to say anyway.

      • CARLA

        Actually Terrence Winter said Richard Harrow would “absolutely” be in season 3, I honestly doubt that they would bump him up to full cast just to drop him completely. I wasn’t surprised by Jimmy’s death like he said he’d died in the trenches. And I very excited to what happens to Mr. Harrow and how Capone rises to power.

    • Nina

      i dont give a shit i only care about jimmy

  • burchyboyuk

    Man Boardwalk Empire is massive in U.K. Love it. Totally shocked they killed off jimmy but it keeps it fresh and keeps ya guessing. bring on season3 and quick

  • Antoinette CP

    Boardwalk Empire is HBO’s all time best series. I loved Sopranos and Carnival but Boardwalk was wonderful. I lived for Sunday evenings just to watch the show. I have to say it was really, really dumb killing off all of the best characters. The Commodore, Jimmy and his wife. It broke my heart to see Jimmy go! I hope you can make up for the killing off those key players. I think you are destroying a great series by killing off key players. Please do not kill anyone else!!!!!!!

  • TI

    New Cagney-like character? That’s who Jimmy Darmody was. As far as the real-life characters are concerned their stories have been told a million times in movies and in other tv series. Terence Winter shot his load in season 2 until there is nothing left for season 3.

  • Kiss

    Killing off Jimmy reminds me of Christopher’s girlfriend being killed in the Sopranos.

    Maybe it is time to kill HBO by canceling my subscription. These shows have become routine, conventional and unpleasant. HBO employs sophisticated plot tricks to keep everybody hooked and waiting for more.

    • Jimmy, D

      Keep watching Glee. Everything is straight-forward there. New song every episode.

      • Nina

        what the hell????

  • cihan a.

    ccc üşüyoruz jimmy reyiz ccc

  • mike

    Ha so don’t watch the show cause your fictional character jimmy is not on it anymore. What are you people kidding me the show is going to get great now ! Jimmy was a FAKE made up character he wasent the whole show . Now al Capone and lucky luciano; bugsy siegal are the real characters we want to see. So all you unhappy people go watch true blood or something fake like your beloved jimmy character we don’t need you watching the great boadwalk empire. Great move killing off jimmy Mr winter now kill that stupid botch margret and I will be happy !

    • Nina

      hey mike ummmm jimmy was amazing and ur an idiot for using ur real name for this since he is dead i might watch the show but unlike u i dont wish people would die because im not coldhearted like u dick sooo jimmy was amazing and i bet u would go gay for him annd like i knew him before the show so u can go fuck urself hehe

    • studlee

      i agree with you mike and nina is a fucking retard !

      • Nina

        who the hell do u think u are??? im not a retard cuz like more people agree with me then they agree with u im telling u ur just jealous of jimmy and would go gay for him and dont even deny itttt

        • Adam

          Wow nina this show is out of your league. this isnt a damn love story its a story of politics. corruption and murder Go watch Titanic… Bring on season 3

        • Nina

          omggg this show is in my league im just sayying i love jimmmy u guys r just taking this too far and i love titanic but i love this better so u dont know me this show is so my type

        • bobby

          They use full stops, commas and exclamation marks in this show, coupled with correct grammar and structured sentences.
          You my dear have done none of this, you have instead fallen in love with a fictional character and his death raises question marks whether you will continue to watch this amazing show?
          It seems to me that the show is one after your bed time regardless, if you are in your 20s i feel sorry for your poor mother.

  • Jimmylover

    I am thinking that the story line is about to split in so many different directions that the show will become to tedious to watch.. It is called boardwalk empire not italian gangster movie, that genera is all ready over played… Rip Jimmy D.

  • davey british bulldog

    best show ever me and my brit freinds love it. but going as far as to say you wont watch it is childish jimmy was great but he is not the show Al Capone and nuccy gona rule

    • Nina

      uhhhhhhh no jimmy made the show

  • mgnm

    I hope you guy know that you just killed the whole show with Jimmy, I am pretty sure lots of people feel the same. The only reason I watched the show was Jimmy. Good luck getting the ratings now.

    • Marky Mark

      There are always more mobsters…

    • Jimmy, D

      The only reason you watched the show is Michael Pitt. Stop pretending that you really liked it.

  • yo mama

    Yeah, I want to watch a old guy so kill off the sexy young guy. Done with the show!

    • Oh come now you know you’ll all be watching!

  • Vinny

    STOP WATCHING BOARDWALK??? That’s just stupid. Not only was Jimmy not a real life person (fictional character) he was also a half-ass gangster. I admit he was likable and pretty ruthless at times. He was a terrible business partner, bad husband, bad bodyguard and a bad leader. Kid got too big for his britches. Also he tried to have Nucky Killed and failed even at that. Nucky, Capone, And Luciano are the reasons people should really watch this masterpiece. Cant wait for season 3.

    • james

      he actually was a real person but he was based on James boyd they just changed his name

    • Nina

      go fuck yourself i love michael pitt (jimmy) sooo ya

    • studlee

      he was a half-ass gangster and the nasty bastard fucked his mom gross!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • Nina

        yaaaaaaaa he was kindof grosss but his mom fucked him and soo he just couldnt stop himselff

  • sadgirl

    Im done with this show! Jimmy and Richard were my two favs and now Jimmy is gone and im sure they will kill off Richard too. This was truly one of the best shows i have ever seen and it breaks my heart that Terence decided to kill off such an important character! And i have to admit i hate that i will never see Michael Pitt in a period costume again. Fuck Terence why did you have to do this?!?!?! Im starting to believe the rumours about Pitt being fired..

    • Jimmy, D

      You are one Sad Girl.

      • angel

        oh please..it was great! jimmy had it comming. you need to get over it. pitt does have a reputation for being difficult. so who knows. but i love shows with the guts to do stuff like this, instead of being safe and boring!!

        • Copote

          although it came as a shock that they killed Jimmy, from season 1 when he met Capone, i kind of knew Jimmy wasnt gonna last as we all no that Capone was running things eventually. It was sad though to see the character die, like a Shakespeare tradegy his mother a child sex victim, his father, the incest, lesbian, artistic wife, being the course of her death and killing his father…. tuggs at your heart strings… dooomed life really. I wonder if his son will feature in the future..

        • fanman

          Angel you’re right. The more “to the edge” a show is the better
          Look at Game of Thrones! They decapitated ned stark (the main character in the first season. I mean so did the books but it didnt take anything away from the show… it set it up to fulfill its purpose
          … keep you interested. Now that jimmy is dead and by nucky’s own hand you can expect more “gangsterish” events. Jimmy was a douche for making the choices he did and the only “noble” thing the guy did in the second season was taking responsibility for his actions and make shit right with the only father. Figure he had…who by the way already gave him his second chance and still plotted to have him assassinated. Dormady redeemed himself and took a higher path out. This show is just gonna keep amazing the audience…. but who am i trying to convince? A buncha halfwit girls that got their crotches wet over an actor and never cared about the actors actual purpose. Guess im the fool.

      • Nina

        uhhhh no she is right i love himm but i dont think he was fired hes too amazing to be fired

  • Dnar19

    I think jimmy was a cool charachter and i cant belive they killed him. The show mite suck from now on.

  • Jennifer

    I’m done watching Boardwalk Empire. Jimmy was the main reason I watched in the first place.

    • Ian, Russ

      The main reason you watched the show was not Jimmy, but Michael Pitt. You obviously don’t know good cinema, so good thing you are out.

      • It is pointless to ignore how important Jimmy was to the show, I truly believe the show will suffer for this but it will be interesting to see if Terrence can recover from this potential series ending decision.

    • Nina

      I only watched this show for michael pitt i just finished watching his death and im still crying i literally love himm, i watched funny games and loved him in it so i wanted to look him up and i saw that he acted in boardwalk empire so obviously i was going to watch the whole show like how im watching all of his movies but now since he is dead there is no point and im sooo mad he is literally beautiful and i love how he doesnt care about the fame and he is so picky with what he acts in i am so mad that he died but i love the show but i would always look forward to watching the show for him cuz i am in love with his personality and he is an amazing actor!!! thats why i wanted to watch this and to think that all of this whole obsession over him started out with the movie funny games and then i loved him and thought he was rlly hot so then i watched murder by numbers and then bully and then the dreamers and then jailbait and all these movies that he acted in and now im watching boardwalk empire and now since he is dead but i knew he was going to die anyways…, the show itself is amazing and i might acually keep on watching but if i dont like it i hope he acts in another amazing show cuz then ill watch it…. again

      • reality check

        holy crap. you r a wack job. might be interesting for u to fall in love with a real person instead of a tv character, thats how most of us do it. i don’t want to be rude but holy shit, wake up girl! you r on your way to kooky town.

      • hooligan

        this is exactly why our whole country is going down the crapper with the entire congress selling us out to corporate thieves who own the media and criminal banker moneychangers stealing us blind while nina and 90 percent of america focus their entire lives on some idiotic fake tv show that gives them a personality to be for that day. im sorry to say but we are lost and our country is gone and the idiot box is to blame for our downfall as nina so eloquently points out, so put on a few more pounds in front of the box and scrub your brain free of any origional thought as you are transformed into slaves and fodder for the moneychangers. they have you exactly where they want you, nina.

        • Zero3ree

          Wow dude you really can’t be serious….. By the way the show is fake but based on true events. Also if you feel that TV is an “idiot box” how on earth did you navigate your self to a forum about a TV show? You are either the biggest idiot in here or just wanted to try to make a pointless point. This was one of the dumbest post I have ever seen.

        • Ron Daigle

          @Hooligan You are precisely correct in your comments. The enemies of this country, our constitution and traditional morality have control of: the media, our congress, Hollywood, the Federal Reserve, Education, Science, Big Pharma, and with the passage of the NDAA National Defense Authorization Act (which was initiated by my Senator, Carl Levin) we can be picked up, imprisoned without trial if the powers that be (who might that be, folks?) decide they don’t like our opinions and really don’t believe in our first amendment rights.

        • LWyatt

          I agree with the one reply. This is an awesome show . Jimmy screwed up and it shows us how the real stories coincide with this historical complex show. Michael Pitt is a great actor but “jimmy” is only a pawn in this chess game. I will continue to watch Boardwalk Empire because it is well done and entertaining. To conclude. You were only watching for the sexy, Michael Pitt then follow him. Us Boardwalk fans will continue to enjoy . And this person blaming everythg on the box. U have issues. Obviously , u are on the computer looking for a contraversial note to throw yr two cents in. If u don’t take time to smell the roses or enjoy anythg in life then I feel for u. I will pray for u. Your glass is half empty. Life is so short. I hope u find some thg that brings u happiness sincerely.

      • Wow

        Wow! I thought the guys (presumably) were mean to slander your message like that but after actually, properly, reading your message Nina… Have to say you give us women viewers of Boardwalk Empire a bad repute.

        Considering Michael Pitt wasn’t the only actor on the show or whose character wasn’t the main focus I wondered how you stayed glued in front of the screen. Seriously, its ok to admire the actors and gush over them but to go on like the way you do is a little unnerving and bordering disturbing. It’s only a few feet away from becoming like that super fangirl of Twilight.

        Meh! Am just annoyed that girls can become downright silly and say things like ‘going to stop watching this because so-or-so is gone’. No actual regard for the project (aka the show) the actor worked on.

        Dream big but don’t make illusions for yourself. And obsessions are bad. No disrespect.

    • Adam

      I cannot understand why everyone says they are done watching now that Jimmy has been killed. He deserved and earned his fate, bitting the hand that fed him! I liked his character however he needed to go, to proove nucky is the one and only true BOSS. To me it was the only option and i like that the writers show no fear. It opens avenues for the writers but it is now up to them to pick the correct route. If you are one of the viewers who are now choosing to stop watching this great show, its truly your lose. Good bye jimmy this drink is for you ” To the Fallen”…

      • adam

        LoL ” to the lost”

        • Nina


    • charlotte

      I’m not going to watch much of it either now that pitt’s gone.

      • Arann

        hahaha – to all the moronic women who watched it cos they fancied a bit of limping jim, grow up u idiots and good riddance to you, you quite clearly don’t have the mental ability to appreciate a quality show. go back to watching porn or go to a male strip show, thank fcuk european women are not as dumb as u yanks

    • sam

      HBO why funkin kill off Jimmy ? A group of us at work ..Over 50 People, are wondering that, WHY???


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