HBO Series – Girls: First Reactions

By Jacob Klein on Mar 13, 2012 to Girls

Heather Kaminski joins us today with a look at the new HBO series Girls!  She’s analyzed the trailer and and wanted to share her thoughts and excitement on the new series!  Heather’s past lives include psychology, education, journalism, and now she runs a small business in retail arbitrage. She likes to read, sing, play guitar, take piano lessons, and spout opinions on her blog .  When she learns to bend space and time she plans to do more painting and art projects.

Well! This sounds refreshing! The new HBO series “Girls” which premieres on April 15, 2012, is being touted as “Sex in the City” Next Generation. I can’t answer to that based on the trailer alone, but what I DO like about the concept of this show is that it’s about your every day, AVERAGE, young female American trying to figure out where she fits in the grand scheme of things.  I have high hopes for this show.  Unlike the 90’s generational program “Friends”, which was basically about a group of gorgeous, whiny, skinny people feeling sorry for themselves, “Girls” looks like a comedy that’s funny because it’s TRUE.

I wasn’t a bit surprised to find out that Judd Apatow worked alongside star and creator Lena Dunham (Tiny Furniture) as co-executive producer.  The trailer actually reminded me a little of one of my favorite Apatow shows “Freaks and Geeks”.  Short lived though it was, “Freaks and Geeks” was quality programing about real kids in real situations. It’s definitely on the list of “programs cancelled to early”.  (Not to mention, look at the stars that show produced!)

I really think in general, audiences are getting a little tired of programs about the “beautiful people”. Women in particular are looking for programs that tell THEIR story of what it’s like to grow up in a culture where perfection must be achieved and  perfection means a tiny waist, big boobs and a tight t-shirt. Move over Sookie Stackhouse, time to make room for real girls.

Here are the latest trailers for the new series:

Are you excited about the new HBO series Girls? Leave a comment with your thoughts below! HBO’s Girls premieres April 15th on HBO at 10:30 PM.

  • I think people are tired of watching and envying characters from afar and are looking for characters they can relate to. Girls puts me in mind of an HBO version of Big Bang Theory from a female perspective.

    • Yeah that’s a great analogy! Obviously Girls looks a bit more serious than BBT but I hope it attracts the same audience.

  • Jefd

    I am always interested in giving any HBO show a try. GIRLS will get that courtesy.

    I concur with Heather K. on being tired of the “beautiful people” story, but I am equally tired of the “finding my place in the world” story as well.

    • Never enough coming of age stories! Haha, yeah let’s hope it’s not just another ‘young person grows up’ story. The thing is, from what I’ve seen it looks like it echoes that classic paradigm but it’s from a generation that hasn’t been properly depicted ‘HBO style’ or in any factual way. Maybe (of the 3 of us) I’m the only one from that generation so I notice the lack of it’s representation more? I’m just hoping it’s socially acceptable for guys to watch Girls! I mean, do you watch Sex and the City, Jef? haha Hopefully there are real, likable men in this show as well.

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