GIRLS Season Four is SO Happening

By Jef Dinsmore on Jan 10, 2014 to Girls

GIRLS_Sn4It is official even before Season Three of Lena Dunham’s GIRLS airs that a Season Four is planned. The show is said to film this summer with all the cast intact. It is too early to confirm how many episodes will be made but the fourth season is likely to air in its usual timeframe (meaning January) of 2015.  This info was straight from HBO’s EVP, Casey Bloys at the start of the Girls TCA panel.

But first, HBOWatch will be sitting pretty with the GIRLS in Season Three debuting this Sunday, 01.12 beginning at 10:00pm ET with two back-to-back episodes. Some of our own Girls will be reviewing/recapping each week and it should be some giddy fun so join us.

UPDATE: Girls Season 3 is happening for sure.  In fact, Judd Apatow recently explained that the team was committed to SIX seasons of the show.  HBO likes to order its programs one season at a time though.  They haven’t even officially confirmed more seasons of Game of Thrones!  But those in the know understand that Girls is here to stay for the forseeable future even with one of the male stars possible taking going to the dark side.

We’ll keep you posted on a more specific premiere date when we have further news but we’re sticking by that Winter 2015 date we set above.

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That sucks pretty bad we have to wait until next year for season 4. But I love this show and as long as it is still going that’s fine with me. Love Lena and jemima. Great show!

Why are we having to wait 1 year and 7 months out? i’m just wondering…

The Empress Lena has no clothes ! The last show I would advise my 20 something dsughter to watch would be ” Girls”. Of course if one enjoys cheap exploitive episodes of mental illness and low self esteem presented as millenial tv fare, go for it…ppfftt

I’d hope your daughters know what a female body looks like! It’s really not a big deal.

Hellooo. was a reference to “the emperor has no clothes ” google it. Ms. Dunham continues to project her fragile mental state by insisting shes attempting to “normalize her audience!! Tis not the viewer that is coveting normal but instead, text book projection from Lena who is basically on one helluva narcissitic journey to force her viewers to accept her skewed and anxiety ridden reality that is her “normal”. I submit, Ms. Dunham – IS NOT WEARING ANY CLOTHES and HBO is the fool!

It will be giddy alright! I can’t wait! And SO excited that we’ve already got a Season 4 coming! :D


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