First Trailer for HBO, Sorkin’s ‘The Newsroom’

By Jacob Klein on Apr 1, 2012 to The Newsroom, The Newsroom Trailers

HBO is dropping major drama bombs tonight with several awesome trailers for all of your favorite HBO shows. True Blood and Boardwalk Empire first up and now ‘The Newsroom’ a new drama by award-winning writer, Aaron Sorkin. This is a truly amazing trailer and for anyone who’s been a fan of The West Wing this might just be a second coming. This is the closest you’re going to get to a West Wing 2 and with The Newsroom you’ll get it in HBO style. Leave us a comment with your reactions below.

We’ve also finally gleaned a premiere date to add to our schedule: June 24th! Can’t wait. We’ll update our HBO programming times page with the… news. Leave us a comment below with your hopes and dreams for this new HBO series.

  • HBO is going nuts with Game of Thrones, True Blood, Veep, Girls and now The Newsroom all in Q2.

  • LD Jones

    Fantastic!!! Fast, intelligent writing as in West Wing. Oh how I’ve missed that show and the dialogue. Yes, of course I’ll watch just to see if this new show lives up to the level set by West Wing.

  • Wow! This looks awesome! A show about someone who actually wants to do something right!

    • Yeah, have you seen The West Wing? I’m hoping this is the second coming.

  • Mike

    Guy gets fed up and wants to change the system.

    So glad this hasn’t been done 4842390484 times.

  • Jérémie

    That’s it… I’m having an erection.

    Aaron Sorkin is back people! And this time, on HBO, with the space to write and not the short broader audience/lowering for everyone standards view!

    June 24th is far, far too much away.

  • Jefd

    I never watched “The West Wing” but I am sure not going to miss this show. I hope it plays well and lasts long.

    • Teejay

      Beg, borrow or steal the first four seasons (Sorkin scripts) of
      West Wing. You’ll be glad you did. Great drama. Great humor.

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