Boardwalk Empire Season 5 Will be its Finale

By Jacob Klein on Jan 9, 2014 to Boardwalk Empire


We have some devastating news for you, Boardwalk fans.  Season 5, this fall will be the show’s finale.  I know, I know but think of all the memories you’ve had in Atlantic City!  We’re sad to see it go but we hope that in the Fall of 2015 Terrance Winter will return to HBO with something special to take its place.. or at least give us something new!   Boardwalk Empire season 4 will premiere Fall 2014, we presume.

Here’s the word from on-high:

LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2104 – The Emmy-winning HBO drama series BOARDWALK EMPIRE will return for a fifth and final season this fall, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming.

“It has been an incredible honor to bring this powerful and groundbreaking series to our subscribers,” said Lombardo. “Terry Winter has created one for the ages.

We’re thrilled to get the go-ahead for a fifth season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE,” said Terry Winter. “After much discussion with my creative team and HBO, we’ve decided to wrap up the series after such a great run and look forward to bringing it to a powerful and exciting conclusion.”

From Terence Winter, Emmy-winning writer of “The Sopranos” and Academy Award-winning director Martin Scorsese, BOARDWALK EMPIRE is set in the 1920s during Prohibition, and chronicles the life and times of Enoch “Nucky” Thompson, the undisputed leader of Atlantic City.

Among the critical raves for the fourth season of BOARDWALK EMPIRE, New York’s Daily News said it “remains must-see television drama,” while People called it “terrific” and a “gripping spectacle.” The Chicago Tribune hailed the show’s “achingly good performances,” and Variety termed it “one of TV’s most compelling dramas.”

Last September, BOARDWALK EMPIRE received five Emmy Awards, the most of any series, in the 65th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards competition, including Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Drama Series (Bobby Cannavale); Outstanding Art Direction for a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Hairstyling for a Single-Camera Series; Outstanding Sound Mixing for a Comedy or Drama Series (One Hour); and Outstanding Sound Editing for a Series.

In 2012, the show received four Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Tim Van Patten). In 2011, the series led all programming with eight Emmy Awards, including Outstanding Directing for a Drama Series (Martin Scorsese). In Jan. 2011, BOARDWALK EMPIRE received two Golden Globe Awards, for Best Television Series – Drama and Best Performance by an Actor in a Television Series – Drama (Steve Buscemi).

In Dec. 2013, the show received three Screen Actors Guild Award nominations, including Outstanding Ensemble Performance in a Drama Series, Outstanding Performance by a Stunt Ensemble in a Television Series and Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series (Steve Buscemi). In both 2012 and 2011, the series received two Screen Actors Guild awards, for Outstanding Performance by an Ensemble in a Drama Series and Outstanding Performance by a Male Actor in a Drama Series (Steve Buscemi).

If you’re having trouble waiting for the new season check out the series soundtracks which will keep you in the Boardwalking mood all year long.

  • Cassandra

    you spelled Terence’s name wrong. . . wow . . .

  • Joshua

    8 episodes? I was expecting 10!

  • PEM

    There were too many new, uninteresting characters and sub-plots. They should have stuck with the original cast, which was terrific. The story wasn’t really about Nucky anymore, and it should have been. Did the writers run out of ideas, or what? The last 2 seasons killed that show.

  • Jorge Ber-Percivale

    Time and time again HBO does not follow audience likes ; I have no idea why they kept cancelling good shows in their prime Boardwalk Empire should last like the Sopranos at least , but we the audience have no control of what the brain surgeons do in HBO

    • Sean Mackers McAleer

      Well, Sopranos only lasted about 5 seasons as well

  • timmmie

    but when they ended the sopranos the ending sucked so bad

    • barbershopwindow

      cause you were to Stupid to understand the ending! and the whole season 6 foreshadowing and everything … google it and read it..

      • To stupid huh?
        Google the correct usage of to, too, and two, and try again.

  • James

    Sad easily the best show, way better than Game of Incest and rape.

  • James

    Aaron you are a fool season 4 was brilliant and if you didn’t appreciate that maybe you should try something else… Perhaps a show like revenge or lost would be more your pace.

  • Aaron

    Season 4 sucked…i could barely make it through..I guess they were running out of story so makes sense it would end…I hope season 5 sends it out with a least

    • MetadonPatient

      Word, sadly.

  • Zafar

    Very sad to hear this.

  • Sid

    Noooo the greatest tv series over say it ain’t so

  • billy bennett

    Good news! The show won’t be over after all! If you read the date of the announcement, it is: “LOS ANGELES, Jan. 9, 2104”!! That means the announcement was made in the future!! We have until January of 2104! Holy cow will Steve B. be old!!

  • noname

    I think the show should turn into a spin off about the Italian mafia.

  • Awat

    Too bad they dont make a special tv show only about Al capone, Would be awesome since he was the most famous gangster of all time

    • Johnny

      There is no such thing as a famous gangster. Gangsters are infamous. The most infamous gangster is the father of Modern Italian Organized Crime. Charles “Lucky” Luciano.

      • Steve Pickering

        Jelly goes on bread

  • Tony stuart

    More boardwalk empire.. I can’t live without it.. makes me appreciate how life was before I was born.. Every episode I watch just makes me want to watch more.. don’t go!!

  • krystal

    breaking bad is over, boardwalk is soon to be over and house of cards is taking forever what will I watch? :(

    • kiasvendo

      you could watch yourself in the mirror since that’s obviously your favorite show. now do what your kind does best & call me a hater =)

      • Matevz

        Wohoohooo niiice! ;D

        • dfhdfh


    • Corey Allard

      Game of Thrones

    • sam

      fall season 5 will be worth waiting for!

  • dp

    Harrow did get his dream life in death, that was the beauty of the last scene with him in it. He was free to live his dream etenerally with all of his loved ones.

  • Chappy

    I love this show but was very sad to see Richard killed why not just let him go off and have his dream life.

    • vic

      The price of killing for a living.

  • Veronica

    I don’t care what no one says. This is the best show . I love mob movies. I just hope that Season 5 have longer episodes since this is the last one. I enjoyed. I whether watch this show then those stupid reality shows.

  • Lena

    Season 4 was great. I was very sad to see Richard killed and now I am even more sad to see the show go :(

  • joe

    why end it Atlantic City is still alive today….# spinoff

  • Müller

    They should tell the Tale of Nelson Van Alden as its own series. Best character ever.

  • MobFan

    All the top notch mobs have their own stories. I have heard about them but Nucky Thompson not really. It doesn’t meant that it is not interesting, i just love the series. Season 4 had too many singing, i mean really!!. I hope season 5 will move partly to some evolutions to those mobs, such as Lucky Luciano, Al Capone, Meyer Lansky etc.. each has their own complete series, so HBO has lot of options and we follow..

  • Printwrite

    They should never have killed Richard Harrow… Instant Karma, that’s what it is !

    • Zafar

      They killed the short liming Italian guy too. forgot the character name!!… i got attached with him…. thats so sad.

  • gene kelly

    They have no idea where they are going with this. This show has no vision, and no direction. It was meant to end after season 3. It was powerful and great. Now it’s just a way for them to make more $ and capitalize on their investment.

    • Akron

      Hater! This show was great. If you think it was so bad, why did you look at it?

  • Henry Lampert

    I agree with Jos.G.more or less, but all I know is that I enjoyed watching the show and having the chance to work on it from the pilot in 2009 with Marty Scorsese directing, and on occasion through season 4. I met some really fine (and talented) people while working on the show, none the least, Steve Buscemi, a very decent and regular guy. -And I hope to work with them on other projects acting. (-All shameless self-promotion aside.) I hope the show will somehow end up going longer–and who knows, maybe there’ll be a change and it will.

  • Joseph Bandon Genovese

    I understand, as many, that HBO usually has a 5 season limit. But I think Boardwalk Empire should be given 6. The shows historical characters should be allowed to blossom into their historical roles, and all script made characters to find their own suitable endings, all which makes sense to viewers. All that can be properly done in six seasons comfortably. The worse thing that can be done at this point is having a cut-ending like Sopranos had, or leaving viewers with way more confusing questions than already answers. It deserves to all tie together and make sense. Least once HBO! Please let this be that show.

    • Akron

      I agree. I loved Boardwalk Empire.

    • Johnny

      Oh no! Does this mean Game of Thrones will be over in 2015 with Season 5?

    • Matevz

      Breaking Bad was THAT show! ;)
      It ended up just great, as it could in real live. No miracle happy ending.

  • Jwruah

    Ugh I just started watching, and now it will be gone.its so awesome I was watching breaking bad.and now this is ending. Please don’t stop boardwalk empire

  • Philip Rogers

    okay then! as queen sings..Another one bites the dust!!

  • Philip Rogers

    so true! why is it going??? cause of viewers

  • Vikki

    What happened? Can’t find anything else to write? This IS the best series, even better to me,than The Sopranos. Wish they would reconsider. Love this to be on again….

    • rrrrick!

      a good serie needs a good ending!

  • Yakushiji Tenzen

    both of you are wrong. There hasn’t been a bad season in the series. And GoT is worse? WTF is wrong with you?! What is wrong with all of you!?!!!!!

  • Frederick Johnsen

    Season 4 seemed to meander around without much direction…and then they killed off Harrow – imho one of the most endearing and interesting characters. Could they not have let him live and be the happy success story of the show? I hope season 5 is worth the wait.

    • Red

      Nothing was a happy success in AC in that era, as the show so endearingly portrays. Harrow wanted to have a last action of meaning in his life, so for that, he succeeds in sending Tommy off into a better life, away from the corruption and guilt of Atlantic City and its inhabitants. This show will probably end the way Breaking Bad did.

  • Randy Zellea


    Boardwalk ending is sad but understanding. Since most of the crew were involved with the Sopranos, they do not want to make the same error as they did in the past.

    In the last season of the Sopranos, the show was not as crisp as the first five years and the story felt forced. I would have felt ok with the Sopranos ending with Johnny Sack being sent to prison and the end of Tony B.

    Boardwalk could fall into the same into trap of the Sopranos of forcing the story. What hurt Boardwalk Season 4 was the diminishing focus on Nucky and the favorable focus on Chalky, Agent Knox, Will, etc..

    The rise of Al Capone with the insertion of Eli to the Chicago crew and the fall out of Chalky’s situation could make Season 5 a must see. The show has lost key players over the last few years none more important then Harrow.

    Jimmy’s best buddy turned from a stone cold killer into a lovable MVP of the show..Well as lovable as a Hitman could be…

    I am curious and eager for Season 5. I hope you guys are as well..

    • Akron

      I wanted to see more of Dr. Nortese (?) and how he took over the Harlem drug trade and what happens to him. Does Chalky kill him or does Nortese kill Chalky????

      • sensi

        Dr. Valentin Narcisse :)

    • TooBad

      Really? This is based on real people and history. Granted not always following it but there’s a lot of material to work with just sitting there. Shame! I’d be good with an Italian mob spin off as well.

  • GMTR

    God! I can’t believe it’s finally gonna end. But what I say is all good tv show show come to good conclusive end otherwise it goes on forever. Just take breaking bad for example. And now as I think back and all the things that have happened in these four seasons it brings my heart with joy avid sadness. Like I still can’t believe they killed off jimmy in season 2 and I can’t believe they killed off Richard in season 4. But it is also good to see some characters go, stay and progress in the evolutionary tv series. But I still think u could have killed like Arnold or Margaret instead of jimmy and Harold but u know shit happens.
    What I think will happen in season 5 is J. Edgar Hoover will burns everything to theft round he will take down every know characters in that show and start a mass killing spee war with the FBI that it will end them all and end probation.

  • Nahojism

    As sad as this is, everything comes to an end. I hope it will be Westworld which fills the void.

  • This has been one of my favorite shows, ever. That being said, I was really disappointed in Season 4 and for me, it was a huge let down after 3 had been so great. There wasn’t one story line in Season 4 that held my attention and that was incredibly disappointing after Gyp Rosetti’s incredible run. I’m hoping that they can raise the bar again and end it on a high, but if we get a repeat of Season 4, then I think I won’t be sad to see it come to an end.

    • Wow, what? Season 3 was the absolute worst season of that show. Rosetti was just a total Ralph Cifaretto plagiarism fail, the storyline – a dull drag and its finale a spectacle of mindless cheap-thrill fireworks. Season 4 overall was nothing special as well, to be fair, but most would agree its finale was pretty damn entertaining and uniquely powerful. Even yet, there are much worse shows HBO could whack (Girls, GoT) but that, of course, will never happen. :(

    • sartori

      Im sorry but Season 4 was superb. You are crazy. The Boardwalk story is getting old fast so it’s natural progression should turn the show towards Chicago, the most interesting place of the era. Memorable scenes from season 4, White/Purnsley face-off in hotel. Capones brothers death, Harrows death. I didn’t like the introduction of doctor Narcisse and Elis sons story while boring has potential. This show has a very long way to go if they move it out of Atlantic city. Maybe the Chicago story will be developed into its own show

  • Jef Dinsmore

    Without digging up that old post we have to check I think five seasons are about the average for HBO dramas. One more season and then it becomes an HBO Classic.

    • Ya 5 seems average and I’m glad. Just really hope the Carnavale Winter Scorsese Rock Drama works out! We need more flagship stuff from HBO with True Blood and BWE bowing out in the same year.

    • Ya 5 seems average and I’m glad. Just really hope the Carnavale Winter Scorsese Rock Drama works out! We need more flagship stuff from HBO with True Blood and BWE bowing out in the same year.

      • Fred Marcum

        Bobby Cannavale…………..what can you say? He has the De Niro/Pacino potential…..I was shocked, angry, and amazed by that guy’s performance. Buschemi? I have been hooked on him since ‘Fargo’. Michael Shannon? I saw him on ‘GMA’ (I think) one morning and didn’t know who he was….I almost pissed myself- had to record it and show it to my wife- she started laughing- he duped us!! What a character actor!! So into the role, I didn’t recognize who the hell he was till they gave his creds after a commercial……….finally, Chalky White; I wouldn’t cross that dude and would run, not walk, if I saw him coming down the street on a bright sunny day…………..HBO–WTHeck?????? Your proven track record is solidified with series like these!!! 2 more seasons…

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