Another Short Tease for The Newsroom’s Second Season

By Jacob Klein on May 20, 2013 to The Newsroom, The Newsroom Trailers

HBO leaked a small little Newsroom trailer this weekend.  While shorter than the invitation to the set trailer released this month this video shows some of the actors and show-runners behind the scenes.  Here it is:

Welp. Not much there, right? We hope to get some REAL trailers in soon as Game of Thrones winds down. Look for one possibly alongside Behind the Candelabra this Sunday night at 9 in place of Thrones.

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I couldn’t stand the first season and cringe-watched every episode. Each episode’s self-righteousness was more over the top than the last and the soapy relationships were beyond telegraphed from the pilot and yet unbelievable. When Jim just so happened to be on a Sex and the City tour bus in the middle of the night that stopped in front of his ‘will they or won’t they’ counterpart, I was speechless. I still cannot believe that scene made it to air. I eagerly look forward to the new season and seeing how they top themselves.

What are you talking about? The Newsroom is BRILLIANT! I loved every second of season 1 and I’m eagerly awaiting season 2’s arrival. I’m not sure if I can wait 40 more days.

I’m not sure that I’ll bother with the Newsroom this season. I found I paid very little attention to it when it was on during season 1. Let me know if it seems better this time around!

Sometimes I don’t understad why they bother with Teasers. It did accomplish its purpose though, it reminded us of most of the characters invovled in THE NEWSROOM and flashed that premiere date one more time. Again, here is hoping it has improved.


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