This Just In – THE NEWSROOM: Invitation to the Set

Many are eagerly awaiting the return of Aaron Sorkin’s THE NEWSROOM. We have already been reminded of its return via a  Tease and if and when a full Trailer or two arise they will be appended to that particular post. But, here to whet your appetite for the stressful, fast-paced world that is the ACN newsroom and anchor desk here is Sorkin (creator/executive producer) & Alan Poul (executive producer/director) in a video from the set.

To me the most interesting information is the opening line from the show’s creator. He says that Season 2 has a “different structure” than Season 1. And, in my opinion, that is a good thing. What I found lacking in Season 1 was a strong sense of focus to the season. It was as if Sorkin was allowed to muddle through the premiere season to find the pace, the tone, etc. in order to make the show click on all cylinders; he did it on camera instead of in pre-production. By season’s end he hadn’t quite found it, but the show was still damn good. Now, with this cited comment it appears that he has given it more thought and planning. Hopefully, that means the show will be even better when its second season premieres 07.14 at 10:00pm ET.


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