True Blood Season 6: Episode 4 “At Last”

“Blood is everything to us.”


There’s finally been an episode that has met up to at least a few of my high expectations for this season. Though it certainly took a little build up before we finally got here. Even the episode title, which a television geek like me puts a lot of weight into, “At Last” immediately led to high hopes over what was going to happen. And quite a few things did.

The episode picks up right where the previous one left off; with Jason practically dying and Sookie in major panic mode. Keep in mind though that this isn’t very different from a lot of the scenes we deal with regarding the two of them. The shocker comes when innocent little Ben reveals that he’s actually a vampire and feeds Jason his blood to heal him. Now the wonderful Brandi speculated last week that Ben is hiding something and I have to say that I immediately agreed with her. When has Sookie ever had a love interest that hasn’t tried to kill her at one point?

Either way, the only thing I can’t figure out is how the hell none of them realized this. He can walk in sunlight, sure, but they have enough vamp experience by now. You’d think they’d take a cue from Vampire Diaries and stop actually using the words “Come on in (and bite me.)”

There’s a great scene between the forever dull Nora and the absolutely brilliant Grandpa Stackhouse where she basically annoys Grandpa to the point of him shiny lighting her across the road right into the path of the vampire hating swat team. Out of all the new characters this season, he is definitely my favorite. It’s about time that Sookie and Jason had someone to actually take care of them for once and the way he does it with a smart quip and a growl is just the epitome of perfect.

Grandpa goes into lecture mode about how both Sookie and Ben rushed to Jason’s side as opposed to chasing down Nora and Ben slinks off with his tail between his legs. But not before shooting a lustful and longing look in our girl’s direction.


Out of every story line this season, the were-shifter thing is my least favorite. Alcide was one of those few characters that immediately climbed the ranks of my favorites from the moment he was introduced. Who wouldn’t love a down to earth, humble man who just wants to do what’s right? What I want to know is where that guy went because the character we’ve seen this season is nothing like the werewolf I came to love. His vendetta against Sam actually makes my skin crawl, especially considering the fact that they had a shaky alliance all of last season. It’s pretty amazing how quickly a dose of power can go to someone’s head.

I think this storyline resonates with me most because I’m a mother. Just the fact that they’re battling over a child, not because they want what’s best for her, but because they feel she belongs to them? It makes me sick. Let’s just say I’m counting down the minutes until someone puts a bullet into Rikki and then knocks Alcide off his pedestal.

Sam is scoring major gentleman points this season. If any of the characters on this show resembles something close to hero status, it’s definitely him. The love he shows for a child that isn’t his absolutely amazes me and the way he puts his own life in danger to protect people over and over again doesn’t get nearly as much credit as it should.

As far as Eric kidnapping the Governors innocent daughter? Best move the vampire could have ever made. It’s easy to forget just how long Eric has survived and the amount of wars he’s witnessed but when he casually pulls out a strategy like that? It’s pretty brilliant. We get an amazing scene between him and Pam where Pam rebels against Eric’s authority for one of the first times because of her feelings for Tara. Hello, beautiful character development.

Tara reminds me of a spoiled child constantly throwing a temper-tantrum but I can’t help but love every scene she’s in. It’s obvious that a part of her disobedience is rubbing off on Pam though and forcing her to relax a little more. Each scene they share together only further solidifies they’re place as Rhi’s favorite couple of the season.


I was more than a little skeptical about this whole fairy children storyline but I have to say after this episode, I completely love it. Four little girls taunting Terry to the point where he’s calling for back up? I was infinitely amused. Andy’s desire to be a good father is so obvious and I love every single second of it. He’s always been considered less than; an unmarried man unable to keep a steady relationship, a two-bit Sheriff who can barely do his job. It’s as if he views this one thing as a chance to change all of those beliefs and to solidify his place in the world.

Part of the reason I think I enjoy the fae girl’s so much is because of their accelerated growth. It would be pretty boring otherwise but watching them turn from ten year olds to sixteen year olds in a matter of seconds provides endless possibilities. I’m wondering at what point it’s going to stop though. Most fae appear to be in their twenties (though some like Claudine appeared a few years older) so I don’t think they’ll age much longer.

The girls, like typical teenagers, take the Sherriff’s van for a joy ride with Bill and Jessica hot on their tail. Just a season ago, Bill never would have considered forcibly taking the blood from a fae, but these scenes just show just how having Lilith inside him has changed the fundamental parts of his character. After being rejected by Sookie, he’s determined to get what he wants and that’s the ability to walk in the sun and be truly immortal.

Sookie finally begins to put the pieces together that something might be off when it comes to Ben when she notices Jason’s amped up post-vampire blood state and the remnants of blood on the floor of the living room. Using one of her fairy tricks, she’s able to put the pieces together and realize that Ben isn’t actually just a fairy. At least you’re getting less naïve in your old age, Sook.

Jessica remains my favorite character in the history of the show. Perhaps it’s because she’s the most relatable. There’s a quick moment in the car where the viewers are reminded of Jessica’s youth again, which I feel like the writers seem to enjoy pointing out this season. Pulling away from the romantic relationships and focusing on her vulnerability gives the character a lot more depth.

I love her scene with the fairy girls more than any other scene this episode because we actually see how young Jess really is and how deep down, the vampire really just wants some friends. Friends that don’t include a creepy vampire God possessing the vampire that made her, that is.

Cut to a half-naked Jason who’s having a very sexy vampire dream about Ben, which you’d think would be an immediate clue that something is off here. The whole scene was pretty over-sexualized for my taste but it served an ultimate purpose of allowing Grandpa Stackhouse to finally put the puzzle pieces together.

Bill uses his new persuasive powers to snatch some fae blood from one of the girls (who really need names because it’s impossible to differentiate which one is which at this point).

Eric’s subtle torment of the Governor’s daughter is definitely one of my favorite things to watch. If there’s anyone I would want corrupting me, I’m pretty sure it would be Eric Northman. Willa is obviously smitten with the vampire, practically throwing herself at him over and over again. Eric institutes phase two of his plan by making her into a vampire, a very shirtless and slightly erotic experience. His speech over her unmoving body is definitely one of my favorite Eric moments so far this season.

I know a lot of people are a fan of Willa’s character but I find her pretty flat. Maybe I’m just one of those people who enjoys a challenge and she just doesn’t seem to present much.  I think the writers are trying a little too hard to focus on the disintegration of a “pure” character. From the cross around her neck to the blood soaking the pure white nightgown. It just seems a bit stressed to me. You never know though, I might end up being completely wrong here. I certainly hope so considering I don’t think she’ll be going anywhere for a while since she’s only the second vampire Eric has ever made.

Sookie begins to put her plan into action by flirtatiously inviting Ben to dinner. I have to say, props to the wardrobe department for this scene because Anna looks absolutely adorable in red. Sookie gives a perfect performance of the girl in the white dress, all big eyes and smiles that left Ben practically eating out of the palm of her hand. I love scenes like this where we start to see Sookie actually take care of herself instead of running to whichever vampire has claimed her for safety.


Grandpa Stackhouse pokes around in Jason’s mind and quickly makes the connection that Ben is actually Warlow. (Took him long enough). For someone who has been hunting him for thousands of years, he doesn’t seem to know much about him. This also introduces the new concept of a vampire-fairy because it doesn’t get much weirder than that. Jason and Grandpa head out on a mission to take Warlow down, which you immediately know isn’t going to go as planned. Can we just pause for a minute and talk about how great Grandpa Stackhouse’s suit is? There is nothing I don’t like about this character.

Ben/Warlow obviously knows the two of them are coming and glamours Jason to forget the entire ordeal and leave. He then proceeds to drain Grandpa of his blood (while spitting it out in the bathtub) and boot him to the alternate reality that he was once trapped in. We also find out that he has a pretty sexy accent hidden under his southern drawl. I’m honestly not too surprised by the whole Ben is Warlow development. If anything, I’m pretty happy with the casting for him. If Grandpa doesn’t end up coming back, I’m going to be severely disappointed. The writers better not throw away an amazing character like that this quickly.

Bill continues to work with the Professor on synthesizing the fae blood, throwing out threats and fangs to try and get what he wants. It’s all pretty uninteresting, even when Bill levitates the Professor against the celling and demands his help. We have another scene with Eric and Willa where she finally figures out that Eric’s plan wasn’t because he wanted to spend forever with her, but because he wanted to get back at her father. Even season one Sookie wasn’t that naïve. He sends her back to her father, who’s cozying up with Steve Newlin’s wife, a development I’m not too surprised with. She’s one of those women who goes towards the men with the most power so it was pretty expected.

Tara and Pam have another argument which ends with Tara stalking off and Pam getting captured by the gun toting swat team. I’m hoping that her capture will lead to some unlikely bonding between Tara and Eric when they attempt to save her.

We finally start to see Sookie’s plan take action when she doses Ben/Warlow’s food with liquid silver, a plan I’m sure she thought would immediately reveal his true identity. She perfectly keeps her cool when it doesn’t though, which practically had me applauding.

The change in Sookie throughout the past few seasons has been phenomenal. Had this happened just two seasons ago, it would have been an entirely different story. I love badass single Sookie way more than whiny co-dependent Sookie and I hope they’ll keep with it.


Jessica has her first meltdown of the episode when the fae girls are determined to leave and loses control, an ironic twist considering her tearful speech at the beginning of the episode about how she couldn’t handle if anything happens to them. The scene cuts away to Bill who re-enters the living room to find Jess bawling on the floor with the still and bloodied bodies of all the girls lying around her. There’s a couple reasons why I genuinely hope they’re not all dead, the main one being I’m pretty sure seeing a devastated Andy would actually kill me. Especially after we see the panic set in when Jason tells him about how vampires feel about fairies and he puts the pieces together that the girls are actually with Bill.

In the final scene of the episode, Sookie and Ben begin a pretty heavy make out session. As always, Anna is perfect in these kinds of scenes. As soon as it appears as though the two are going to move to the next stage of the night, the camera pans back to reveal that Sookie has spent the time forming her little powerful energy ball. In a flawless delivery she says, “Get the fuck off me or die…Warlow.”

“At Last” definitely met at least a few of my expectations and kicked up my excitement for the rest of the season. The only complaints I really have are that I need more Lafeyette in my life. As much as I love the quick comedic relief scenes, I want some actual plots, which the next episodes preview seems to promise.  Check out the preview below!

Here’s your quick breakdown:

New vampires: 1 (Willa)

Vampires in Custody: 3 (Nora, Willa, and Pam)

Characters that could be dead or not returning: 5 (The four Fae girls and Grandpa Stackhouse).

Hook-ups: 2 (Sam and Nicole and Sookie and Ben/Warlow)

 BAMF Moment of the Episode: 1 (Sookie fooling Warlow and getting him right where she wanted him.)
What are your thoughts about “At Last”? Leave them below!



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