The Wire Being Remastered, Rebroadcast in HD


UPDATE:  HBO has finally given us a premiere date for The Wire HD!  THE DAY AFTER CHRISTMAS 2014!  December 26th, that is.  Here’s the info straight from HBO:

The Wire: The Complete Series in HD will be available for the first time as a full series purchase at iTunes, Google Play, X-Box Video and Vudu on January 5. Individual episodes and seasons will be available through all of HBO’s Digital HD retailers.

To celebrate the HD launch, HBO Signature will air the entire series consecutively, one season per day starting with season 1 on Friday, December 26 at noon. The marathon will wrap with season 5 on Tuesday, December 30.

This will be the first time The Wire has aired on a linear HBO channel since Season 5 wrapped in 2008, as well as the first time that all five seasons of the entire series have aired consecutively on the network.

All 60 episodes will also be available in HD on HBO GO starting December 26.

No word on the Blu-Ray set just yet.  Maybe someday.

UPDATE: We’ve just heard back from HBO on this.  The Wire is being remastered and September was the original target date but the episodes are still being reviewed and aren’t ready quite yet. So the good news is that The Wire IS being remastered and is coming soon!  The bad news is you’ll have to wait and the dates are still up in the air.  We’re gussing this trailer was indeed real but that it wasn’t pulled in time.  More as we get it.  — Jacob

The original source is this man claiming to have seen this on HBO’s air:

Anyone else seeing the same?  Please comment with your first-hand experiences.

We haven’t had news to report on HBO’s The Wire in a long, long time but this tidbit caught our ear. HBO will be rebroadcasting one of its iconic series: The Wire in never-before-broadcast HD glory!  The marathon will begin weeknights at 8PM starting on September 4th.  You’ll find the episodes on HBO Signature, a channel most, if not all HBO subscribers should have access to.

Here’s the teaser that’s been reportedly airing across HBO’s properties this weekend:


We aren’t sure if this rebroadcast is better or worse than what you can stream on HBO Go currently or on Amazon Prime but either way it’s exciting to see HBO give the series some love. A few weeks ago the Amazon Prime version of The Wire flipped to full HD, 16:9 aspect ratio but they have since been pulled.  So the video exists, we just don’t know when HBO will drop it on us.

HBO has been frustratingly quiet about a release of The Wire on Blu-Ray. But with The Sopranos recently being announced as an amazing new Blu-Ray set and now the above news, we’re hoping that The Wire will make its way to Blu-Ray sometime in the near future.  Why does HBO toy with us like this?

“It’s all in the DVD sales game, yo.”

If you can’t get enough of David Simon (the creator of The Wire) you’ll be happy to know that he’s putting together a new mini-series for HBO called Show me a Hero.

So go watch The Wire on HBO Signature this month.  It’s a good time to watch it for the first time if you missed it in 2002 (which all but a few million loyalists did).  Give it a watch and report back here when you’re inevitably converted. It’s not quite like watching Game of Thrones but it’s amazing in its own right.

UPDATE: While The Wire still does not show up on HBO’s official schedule we did find this on


This puts The Wire, Episode 3 on at just the time purported by the trailer. Monday at 8PM with subsequent episodes airing on HBO Signature every weekday after that.  It does skip the first two episodes on the 4th and 5th but we’re assuming this is just an oversight adding to the already confusing situation.

TV Guide had to have gotten this information from somewhere and we see this as a solid source.  More as we get it.

BELIEVE, people!

UPDATE 2:  More confirmation from our loyal followers; Xfinity now has the same info:


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