Run Episode 2: “Kiss”


We reconnect back on the train with Ruby (Merritt Wever) and Billy (Domnhall Gleeson) and things are escalating.  Well, they are attempting to escalate things. I never knew the phrase “Swiss Army knife of a room” could make me laugh so hard. But what a classic Murphy’s law scenario. You’re trying to get it on and everything keeps going awry.  Eventually, things come crashing back to reality. Because that’s the thing about running away from the past, it doesn’t stay there. When Billy sees her C-section scar, he pumps the brakes.  However, Ruby’s car cannot and does not want to return to the station.

She wants to get laid and if Billy doesn’t want to acquiesce, Ruby will have to find entertainment and satisfaction elsewhere. Might as well make a bet over it because that’s clearly their dynamic. Lucky for Ruby, Mr. Hot Pants comes out and she jumps on the chance to jump on him. His name is Derek (Saamer Usmani) and while he is definitely fascinated by the idea, he susses out quite quickly that Ruby doesn’t really want to get it on with him. But listening to him talk to her…I could have spent the whole program listening to that.  Though I’m more of a Ruby in that regard, I couldn’t really get my dirty mouth going. Though she does use her silver tongue to let her husband Lawrence (Rich Sommer) know she’s at a yoga retreat. Time will tell if he really buys it.

6c35130e1f4452844d156c6fb96e8bfdWhile Ruby is off on her rendezvous, Billy takes the moment to do some research. He sees more of Ruby’s life, but what we also see is that she’s not really part of her husband’s life. It’s starting to make more sense why Ruby was so willing to bolt. I do wonder about any woman so willing to leave her kids because that’s a big bond to walk away from. Her picture of the unhappy wife and mother is piecing together. What isn’t fully there yet is the picture of where Billy is coming from. Something not good happened because obviously the episode opens with him drunk in a hotel room and ready to run away from life.  He chose to set everything in motion and here we are now. The train has reached its destination. Derek and Billy are drunk, Ruby is pissed off, and Lawrence has broadcast all over his voicemail that Ruby has run off after shutting off her credit cards.  Ouch.

Keep on the RUN Sunday night at 10:30pm on HBO. 

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