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What Could Be Next for HBO’s ‘RUN’?

by Jef Dinsmore
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As of yet, there has been no official word whether Vicky Jones’ series RUN will continue on HBO or not in the future. Is it a one-season-and-done gig or is there more to be said about the crazy ‘Run Pact’ at the core of this story? That lead me to postulate a few weak theories on where this story could go in its sophomore season.  

RUNSeasonFinale-293x300To me, the best aspect of the series was the whole plot device – the ‘Run Pact.’ The examination of whether one could and should take that leap is what held more interest than Ruby Richardson and Billy Johnson (Merritt Wever and Domhnall Gleeson) themselves. In fact, I found him to be quite an ass and rooted for them not to partner up at the end of the journey. If you want to talk about all that I await comments below. Right now, it is all about, what is next. 

Below the three plotlines I thought of happening:  

So, Ruby made her choice at the end of Season One to return to the rest of the Richardson family, Laurence (Rich Sommer) and sons. So, the only question left hanging is what happened between Billy & Fiona (Archie Panjabi) before her death? As Officer Babe Cloud (Tamara Podemski) closes in Billy blurts out to Ruby that he needs time to figure out what to do and to help him. Since she can’t just leave him to get arrested for something he might not be guilty of she asks Laurence to give her a minute. But Billy, being the ass he is, can’t sort it all out right then and there. So, the two of them dash off through the streets of LA to find a place to calm down and make a plan. It sounds dumb, but that is Billy’s MO all the time.  

 So, instead of having Billy face the music, he drags Ruby on a mini ’Run Pact’ through LA with police and Laurence (brood in tow) in hot pursuit. It will take a second season for them to seek sanctuary, for Billy to come clean about Fiona’s death and turn himself in. Ruby then is faced to choose yet again. Since this scenario is a mini ‘Run Pact’ Jones and Phoebe Waller-Bridge (executive producer) and their writing staff, would next to keep it fresh, but that is doable.  

RUN_LaurenceThe second theory changes it up a bit. In this version, Episode Two of the new season would also continue right where we left off with a resolution to Fiona’s death quickly wrapped up. But the next scene finds us a few weeks later back in the Richardson home and, by now, Ruby has explained the whole ‘Run Pact’ thing to her husband. After processing it a while, he warms up to the concept and thinks a ‘Run Pact’ between them might rekindle their relationship. It would allow the Laurence character to be built and show us, perhaps through more flashback about their strained relationship. 

The added twist to the whole season is Billy is curious to find out where she lives and the life she leads so he goes to her residence and in some way overhears or learns of her latest escapade and is curious and jealous enough to follow her & her husband on their Run. She at some point notices he is stalking her and confronts him about it behind Laurence’s back. The trick to this scenario is keeping Billy’s stalking more a comedic thing.         

The third theory turns the whole concept into a different sort of show. Instead of making the show about the immature Billy & Ruby running from their problems how about in Season Two if we make it about Babe Cloud (Tamara Podemski) and Laurel Halliday (Waller-Bridge)? That would make the series an anthology series chronicling the lives of RUNEp6Pic2-300x257different people and their “Run Pacts.’ Each season would feature characters perhaps seen in the season prior. Also, each couple on the run could be doing so under totally different circumstances. Now, I don’t really have a plot in mind for Babe & Laurel, but it would be about exploring their new-found relationship. Surely, some reason for why one of the two of them needs to escape from life could be developed.  

That theory makes the star of the show the ‘Run Pact’, which as I stated at the top is a great concept to examine. So, what do you say? Do you like any of those scenarios? Season One really was self-contained except the mystery surrounding Fiona’s death, so we could leave the series at that, but as you just read, if I just came up with some plotlines then I am sure Lones and company can do so also. We’ll let you know if Season Two of RUN is a go.

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