New Characters Coming For DIVORCE Season Two

Well, by the end of Season One of DIVORCE we certainly have one doozy dose of marital dissolve, don’t we? Of course, it is going to get a lot messier when two new characters enter thePeople_StevenPasquale-150x150 equation. Actors Steven Pasquale (American Crime Story and Kurt of SIX FEET UNDER, pictured right) and Becki Newton  (Ugly Betty and Weird Loners, pictured left) join the cast in recurring roles.

If you recall the end of Season One Robert (Haden Church) stops by the opening of Frances’ (Parker) art gallery and congratulates her on her success. They kiss, both unsure of what it means. That night, Robert calls, and Frances asks if she can take the kids skiing, although it is technically his weekend. Robert agrees and tells her “a ski trip would be good for them.” Robert hangs up the phone and makes a mess of his rental property in anger. As Frances drives the kids upstate she notices flashing lights in the rearview mirror. The officer asks Frances to step out of the car, telling her she’s not authorized to have custody of the kids. As the officers wait with Tom and Lila, Frances calls Robert: “You have made a terrible, awful, irreparable mistake. And you’ve lost, Robert. You have lost everything now.”

People_BeckiNewton-150x150And to help them heal, cope or whatever in Season Two comes Andrew and Jackie. Pasquale plays Andrew a friend of Tracey Lett’s character, Nick. Nick sets up Andrew with Frances and they fall into a “casual relationship.” Jackie (Newton) serves the same function on the other side of the relationship as she becomes Robert’s acquaintance.

Where all this leads is unknown. We will have to see how Andrew & Jackie complicate the matters at hand when DIVORCE Season Two comes this autumn.

Newsweek said the show is “funny, heartening and chockful of strong performances,” while the Washington Post noted, “Sarah Jessica Parker is terrifically on point.”

(Sources: Deadline and TVLine)

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