“Divorce” Season 2: Episodes 5 – Season Finale


Sarah Jessica Parker and Thomas Hayden Church are back for more following the official ending of their marriage. While we got to see them dealing with the intricacies of divorce before, now it is watching them deal with them actually being divorced. And admittedly, I was super pumped for this show to come back. I find it incredibly witty and funny in an often dark way. But anyhow, to the show!

Episode # 5 – Breaking the IceDivorce_BreakingTheIce-300x231

Oh boy, I’m gonna possibly earn some hate for this one, but I think HBO jumped the shark getting Robert and Frances in the sack again. I just really wanted this show to just be about living with divorce. Not the cliche hook-up again will-they-won’t-they-maybe-get-back-together crap. Because now they have opened the door to bringing that back in and it is so unnecessary. There are still so many things divorced parents have to deal with so there isn’t a lack of stories. Why go the cliche way?? WHY???

Anyway, Frances says that the hook-up has made everything uncomplicated regarding the planning of Lila’s 13th birthday party. Let’s see how long that lasts. Re: See Above Paragraph.

But it turns out that Robert’s new squeeze is a client of Dallas, which means that gossip train is over. Frances does the very big thing and extends a party invite for Jackie. How to handle divorce like adults, mad props on this one. Jackie has a conversation with Frances and thanks her for divorcing Robert (pictured at right). And I literally fist pumped because I would give anything to tell my ex, “Thank you for cutting me out of your life.  I realized the kind of person you are, that we would never have made the long haul if we had stayed together, and I also found my forever with someone else.”  I think a lot of people would probably want to do the same. And this is why I love this show and how genuine it is.

Episode # 6 – Losing It

Let’s talk about sex baby.  Let’s talk about everybody up in this episode getting caught with their drawers down.  First, a swift arrival at home by Robert reveals Tom is having sex with Jackie’s daughter Ella. Robert is immediately concerned and finds little support from Jackie. Her more laissez-faire attitude regarding sex concerns Robert and he goes to speak with Ella. This Divorce_LosingIt-300x203backfires as Ella instead tells Jackie that Robert told her to stay away from Tom.  Which was not even close to his intention. More adequately represented as Frances yells later down the street at Tom, “Consent goes both ways.” YES!  Consent is for everyone!! But Jackie later realizes this and squares it with Robert.

Then Frances is having her own naughty sessions with Andrew. But they both insist that it is casual. Well when Lila catches them fooling around on the trampoline in the open backyard (c’mon Frances, of course, you’re gonna get caught by someone), it goes from casual to serious real fast when Robert starts asking questions. Though given the chance to do the actual dating part, Frances is more enjoying the time than she thought she would. 


Episode # 7 – Going, Going…Gone

Divorce_GoingGoingGone-300x204This episode offers up a lot of questions, and the delivered answers aren’t always what you’re hoping for. At an auction, Frances learns that Andrew’s wife cheated and that’s why they got divorced. Question 1: Will Frances tell him about her affair? At first, it appears not. Frances quickly moves away from the topic by spotting Skip Zakarian (Marton Csokas, Xena: Warrior Princess, Into the Badlands) a gallery owner who inspired her when she was struggling.  She invites him to her show for Sylvia.  Question 2: Will he show? We shall see.

Jackie is trying to sell a house and discovers a dead raccoon upstairs. Robbie (still can’t get over that development) gets it cleaned up and the pair sells the house. Jackie suggests going into business together flipping houses. Question 3: Will Robbie say yes? Originally it seems so, but after a fight at the gallery show, I wonder if their going into business will be a good idea. At the end of the night, Robbie is texting Frances, not Jackie. Uh-oh.  Though Jackie and Robbie make up, you gotta wonder if feelings are coming up for Frances after their romp in the sack.

Back to questions 1 and 2.  Skip does attend the gallery opening, falls in love with Sylvia’s work, and abruptly steals her from Frances. So I suppose that auction item you gave her was a consolation prize? Ouch. Throw some salt on Frances because she does come clean with Andrew and the blow out is harsh. Truly, don’t trust guys that will get angry that fast. He clearly had something bubbling under there already, and he snaps fast. If you’re having an unpleasant conversation with someone, especially when emotions are high, think about what you want to say. Don’t snap off. Then again, she didn’t tell the truth about having an affair so I understand his lack of trust. But guys like that scare me.  *shudder*

Divorce Season 2 Finale – Alone Again, Naturally

When Robert drops off the kids, he broaches the topic of him and Jackie taking the kids to Italy for the summer. Two whole months in a villa in Italy staying there for free because a friend got rich. I clearly need to get working on my empire so I can have my own villa. Frances says no, and to be fair, that would mean a whole summer away from her kids. Feeling some fire, it carries her to tell off Skip Zarkarian for his shady move stealing Sylvia. He suggests getting in business together. Hmm, interesting.

Meanwhile, Robert has Italy on the horizon and a firm contract for his business with Jackie. Seems like smooth sailing. Well, at least until Frances makes an embarrassing move on him. Ouch. Luckily they can both be adults about the situation. But it puts a little bit extra in perspective for Robbie, and in a quick move, he proposes to Jackie. Moving a tad fast, but every couple is different. Who knows what works for anyone.

Divorce_AloneAgainNaturallypic02-300x220Diane has quite the stage in this episode. After Robert repays Frances for always supporting him, Frances pays off Diane for her gallery loan. Though intentioned so well, to Diane the gesture seems like Frances trying to get rid of her. Diane storms off, goes on a bender and smashes up some cars. So when police arrive at their home, she assumes she’s toast. Turns out Nick embezzled a crap ton of money and Diane is now poor. But she returns to the Saks glove counter she used to love working and tries to start over.

And that is the best message. Always return to what you love. If you choose to do what you love, you’ll live a life you love. Isn’t that what we’re all working for anyway? So why spend our lives working jobs we hate that pay well, or might not even pay well? For a life where once we have enough money to retire, we are now too old to do what we’ve always wanted? Why wait?  Who says we can’t have that life now?

The third season has yet to be confirmed, so this could mean goodbye to Divorce for good. But at least we got an amazing final message. Return to what you love. Build a life around what you love. Happiness will follow, even during hardships. Even perhaps for Frances, Robert and company.


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