production-logoFor months we had not heard a hint about the joint BBC/HBO miniseries THE CASUAL VACANCY project and then a fan of the JK Rowling novel writes a post about it and – boom – a bit of news surfaces.

It seems that the film adaptation is now in production in a few locales about England. The story of how a local council seat is filled takes place in the fictitious town of Pagford. The location for the shoot is Stroud in Gloucestershire and the specific center of attention is the Archway School (pictured). According to a few sites local children and faculty of the school, about 200, were used as extras on the film’s first days of CasualVacancy_schoolshooting. The exterior grounds and playing fields were going to be utilized for three days.

 The miniseries was looking for the right period look for the project and the town, the school as well as its police station apparently serve the purpose nicely. As production has just gotten underway there is no concrete timeline for its debut.  More than likely OLIVE KITTERIDGE will likely come to air first. You know, it is not often that HBOWatch snags location information about a project beyond GAME OF THRONES, so we wanted to snag this small factoid for those who are interested. More of this production will surely surface down the line and we will publish it whether it comes from HBO or the BBC.

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