Photos from the set of Game of Thrones Season 3: Riverrun

By Jacob Klein on Jul 30, 2012 to Game of Thrones

A little bird sent us a few photos from the set of Game of Thrones season 3 today.  These look to be associated with the fortress of Riverrun, where House Tully makes its home.  We can’t 100% confirm these but our source gave some indications that they were reliable and  form what we can tell they look to be legit, high-budget prop pieces.  They’re also flying the Tully standards!   Take a look at the photos and judge for yourself whether or not they’re from the set of Game of Thrones season 3.
UPDATE: We’re 100% convinced these are from the set of Game of Thrones. We now have images from various other sources in the place where HBO is currently filming the third season.

Tully-Set Set

Are you excited to see how HBO shows Riverrun and the Tullys?  Take a look at the cast members that have been confirmed so far in the new season.  Leave us a comment below with your thoughts.  We’ll update with any more set photos that crop up!  Until then, Game of Thrones season 3 premieres March 31st next year.

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