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‘Aegon’s Conquest’: Another Possible Topic for a GOT Show for HBO

by Erica Scassellati
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This is the second of three posts that have been created by a guest writer for HBOWatch. If what’s offered is seen favorably then ERICA SCASSELLATI will soon be a permanent writer for the site. Good luck, Erica!


When HBO announced the prequel series House of the Dragon, it piqued the interest of Game of Thrones fans, despite the show’s widely despised final season. The prequel quickly proved to be a success after its premiere in August 2022 drew 2.17 million viewers. HBOWatch reviewed that season and the series was picked up for a second season.  

With this in mind, talks of other Game of Thrones spinoffs were soon to follow. Currently, HBO is actively discussing the possibility of creating another prequel series following Aegon Targaryen’s conquest of Westeros. Here’s everything you need to know. 

What is Aegon’s Conquest? Almost 300 years before the events of House of the Dragon, Aegon the Conqueror united Westeros and became lord of the Seven Kingdoms. Aegon was a dragon rider whose mount was Balerion, the Black Dread, (pictured above). He later married both his older sister Visenya and younger sister Rhaenys. AegonjsConquest_Possible2

Aegon attempted to conquer and unite the seven kingdoms alongside Visenya, who rode Vhagar, and Rhaenys, who rode Meraxes. While Aegon was successful with six of the seven kingdoms, he was never able to conquer Dorne, though he and his sisters tried to for several years. Aegon is also the creator of the Iron Throne and founder of King’s Landing.  

Everything we know so far about a possible ‘Aegon’s Conquest’ spinoff: Game of Thrones fans may have another prequel to look forward to. According to Variety, HBO is actively discussing a prequel about Aegon I Targaryen’s conquest of Westeros. However, no writer is attached to the potential series, since it’s in such early stages.

AegonjsConquest_Possible3The outlet also reports that there may be a “feature component” to the project. This means that HBO and Warner Bros. could potentially produce a feature film that would then lead into the Aegon’s Conquest prequel.

Though HBO is in talks about the prequel, that doesn’t mean the series will come to fruition. Back in 2017 rumors of a Game of Thrones prequel began to circulate — and it wasn’t House of the Dragon. HBO filmed the pilot for a series about the “Long Night” set thousands of years before the events of GoT, Insider reported. However, the series was abandoned in 2019 after the pilot episode was filmed. 

Will Aegon Conquest become a reality at some point? Are you game for anything GoT related to come your way? Are you eager to see the legendary Balerion alive and in full action? We will have to wait until the WGA strike is past us to hope for anything. HBOWatch will keep you updated.

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