HBO Hopes for a Curb Your Enthusiasm Season 9

By Jacob Klein on Oct 29, 2011 to Curb Your Enthusiasm

With the best ratings ever already in the tank for Larry David’s Curb Your Enthusism season 8, HBO is hoping for yet another season of the hit show. In an interview with Deadline, HBO president of programming Michael Lombardo joked the network was ‘cautiously optimistic’, stating: “For the first time ever after this season, Larry didn’t say ‘I never want to do this again.”  Not exactly a ringing endorsement for the possibility of a 2012 season 9 of Curb Your Enthusiasm but I supposed we’ll have to take it!

There was a fairly long hiatus between seasons 7 and 8 that left fans clinging to their Curb DVD collections in waiting.  We’re hoping Larry doesn’t decide to take as long to decide whether or not he’ll grace us with a ninth season of Curb Your Enthusiasm!  Larry usually takes his time in between each season, keeping the secret even from his closest castmates.   Check out our HBO Series Premiere Schedule for the latest information, as always.

UPDATE:  Larry is working on a  massive new movie for HBO!

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I hope the shows come’s back just loved it .

Dear larry: how come no hispanics on your show? J.k people ould love to trash talk to this comment now.

Be patient, Larry David is a comedy legend. Everyone be glad you lived during
the times of this comedy genius. Even in our early 60’s , we really missed the previous icons (Mr. Hardy Mr. Laurel, the brothers Marx, and W.C. Fields) . Larry Thank You for making me laugh . Come back soon !

larry what the fuck man, season 9 gotta be comming soon im going sky diving im so bored of t.v now a days

SEASON 9 please….. I don’t want to have to Get in That Ass, Larry!!!

Larry, I will never not laugh hysterically when I watch your show. Thank you for bringing me 8 seasons of pure joy.

My husband & I love this show, It’s the only show we both like & the only one we watch together. It would be so wonderful if Mr.David could make at least one more season. Keeping my fingers crossed!

Curb is the funniest thing on Television, even though it’s not currently producing new episodes. There is just not much on T.V. worth watching anymore, so I am rely hoping for a 9th season..And a 10th..And a 11th…Please Larry, save us from this T.V. waste land and make us laugh some more.

Larry. You are a genius. YOu are not only a comedian, you are also a spiritual human. We are watching all of your seasons again from the beginning w my wife. she is pregnant and lying on the bed on her stomache, and she cant stop laughing. we are expecting our new son and if you do season 9, we will call him Larry . we love you very much, and all of the cast, of CYE. Don’t leave us, we are waiting patiently for your decision. Do it like you always do it.

Larry, I have no job and leave with my mom. Curb is the only thing I have. You’re not in the mood listen closely…GET IN THE MOOD (a line from Seinfeld)…please Larry we need you.

larrys well funny innit

high level. cannot wait. must wait. cannot wait. must wait. damn

The best show ever…I really hope that Larry will continue to bless us with the gift laughter. Loved Seinfeld and curb is a million times funnier. Keep making them and I will keep watching…as will millions

Hey Mate!

A fan of yours from Australia.

Would love to see you on the air again. Even if you don’t make an appearance, you will make an appearance on my tv for many years to come.

You are a brilliant man and effing hilarious man. SHould pop over to Aus one day in summer. Might get your head sunburnt. But eh..

Please Larry! If I could do the Larry David stare down with you right now about making season nine, I would. I will kill a black swan if you do. I have been a fan since “The Pants Tent” and “Thor”…prettayyy prettayyyy prettayyy please make another season.

I know Larry will not read this. i’m an fan from Egypt. and as an arab muslim i gotta tell u larry that I really enjoyed watching “palestinian chicken”. I’ve been a fan for years now. When confronted with an embarrassing situation i always ask myself “what would Larry do?”, that helps me take life less seriously. But seriously Larry you owe it to your fans to finish 10 seasons.

Do it again Larry. It’s the only show I look forward to watching. I’ve watched my DVDs so often that I know the scripts. Give me more, Larry!

What makes this show great is the chemistry of the actors mixed with the genius of the writers I would love to see 9th season!

Dear Larry,

I had never watched Curb until the 8th season and was in addition never a big Seinfeld follower, but now I find myself addicted to HBO GO and have recently watched every episode of CYE and, of course, like any addict, I just need more! Hey, I am a messy left wing writer and real estate entrepreneur in New York and I need your show as a reality check. How scary is that? Pls bring back nasty Suzy, her fat fuck husband, and your engagingly annoying self. You are needed!

my favourite sitcom ever, was cheers ( good taste eh ) but then along came curb your enthusiasm, I am suffering withdrawl symptoms, having to wait so long for my fix, please help me larry.

After 39 years living in New York, I can only say that Curb is the one thing that helps me sort out my home state of California and the bi-coastal thing. I’d be lost without Larry and the gang guiding me.


Whether or not you do another season of Curb is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things, but I do want to point out that your creative acts make life slightly less intolerable. Without a break in the week to watch you demonstrate just how idiotic everyone (including you and me) really is, I don’t know what I’d do.


Dear God let there be another season. Mr David please please please, I am begging you do another season. Curb your Enthusiasm is the funniest show I have ever seen. I have been brought to tears, from laughter, many many times. Can you start the season with an episode titled “The Summer of The Smelly Vagina”. Maybe Larry could be dating a woman through autumn, winter and spring. Things are looking serious. She may be the one but summer arrives and along with it…….. Larry mentions it to some friends after they question him about the smell that is following… Read more »

Dear Mr. David, HBO network & affiliates,

I implore you to appreciate that while expensive bottles of wine, Knicks & Yankees tickets, stolen floral bouquets, upscale restaurant gift certificates, anonymous donations, German shepherds, mulatto baby dolls, large teddy bears, Seinfeld dvds, freakbooks, kidney donations, Paul Simon tickets, sewing machines and violins may have their respective moments, that the gift of laughter will NEVER go out of style. PLEASE keep up the good work in season 9- we’re counting on you!

the greater community of aspiring social assassins

This. is. Awesome. Sir or madame… I’ve taken your sentiments to heart and wrote about it here:

Thank you for your awesomeness,



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