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First FULL Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer (Updated)

By Irene Enlow on Jan 29, 2015 to Game of Thrones Trailers

Alright, HBO enough teasing. Tonight was a big night for the Home Box Office with Game of Thrones premiering in IMAX theaters for the first time for ANY TV show.  HBO took the opportunity to debut the first full trailer for the upcoming 5th season of Game of Thrones which premieres April 12th.  The official video isn’t out yet but it looks like someone at that IMAX screening picked up the video. Here’s what we’re got so far:

What do you think, Game of Thrones fans?  Can you wait for the new season to begin?  Leave a comment below with your own theories on what you just saw.

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17 Comments on "First FULL Game of Thrones Season 5 Trailer (Updated)"

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Can’t wait to see the Sand Snakes and I know the first showing of the dragons will be the one of the best of all the seasons. They will be huge!!!

this is going to be an epic season, with a lot of revenge and girl-power, and last but not least DRAGONS!!!

The two young women walking with their backs to the camera….I would wager a guess that it is a young Cersei, with her friend going into the woods, to visit Maggy the Frog. (The prophecy will be foretold)

I was at work today, writing report cards when my husband told me about the leaked trailer. I thought he was joking. He wasn’t. After that, I had a really difficult time focusing on my reports. Try as I may……the drive to work faded. It was replaced with the desire to watch the trailer and try to figure out the new locations, new characters and exactly what each second represented. Productive Friday, indeed!! LOL This trailer looks crazy wicked good. April 12: HURRY UP!

Production companies playing coy with trailers is one of my biggest pet peeves. Just release the official trailer, damn you. Enough of this pretentious nonsense.

That goes for Marvel also, BTW.

Whrz bran he was gonna fly!

No bran this season so still a suspense!

Sadly, he won’t be featured in this season. Hopefully we’ll see him again in season 6. I’m very sad that we won’t be seeing any of Bran, Summer, Hodor, the Three-Eyed Raven, Meera, and the Children. There are too many storylines that “Game of Thrones” are trying to follow and Bran’s is getting pushed aside – a true tragedy as he is extremely important. (Read the books and you’ll know what I mean.) Until season 6, my friend!

Too many THAN instead of THEN! Rest m all excited for Season 5

Indeed, VERY interesting to not see Stannyboy. He’s going to die next? (I hope so!)

“We then see… next, we see… we then see…”

That was an awfully painful article to read.

Sometimes in the trailers, it’s hard to make out what’s going on, given that characters are shown for split seconds, voiceovers could come from anyone, and everything moves far too quickly in a way to excite the viewer, not necessarily educate. I do hope that the trailer lived up to your expectations and hope you’re as excited as we all are about season 5.

than, you mean

He wasn’t referring to the blatant “than” errors in the article, but the sheer number of the phrases “we then see” and “the trailer then” were used.

It’s been mentioned a few times, so we can all rest better now. I’m sure the author will correct the spelling errors. However, perhaps you could chalk it up to being very excited and being a little lax on spelling. I’m pretty sure everyone has done that, from time to time.

Cannot wait to catch it on Tuesday!


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